Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kansas House Overrides Gov. Brownback Veto: Will Senate Stand Up For High Taxes???

Sunflower State slap fight continues as politicos attempt to cash in on hard feeling against the Gov. and hope that voters won't remember the hit to their wallets. Take a look: Kansas House votes to override tax bill veto

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Sammy. Your a failed governor. Trickle down economics have never, and will never work. You had a lemming legislature and look what you did to the budget? It's comical that the GOP prides itself on being fiscally conservative. The good news for the GOP is that this mess was done in Kansas and not somewhere else. The sheep will soon forget and you can perpetrate this fraud and fiscal malfeasance on them again and again. Remember sheep...Obama isn't a citizen!...Hildabeast!...Libtards!...Bengazi!!!!....but her emails!!!