Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kansas City Star Columnist Mary Sanchez Considers Ongoing Transgender Toilet Debate

Amid ongoing financial harsh times . . . Here's another Missouri culture war distraction and DNC talking points relayed by our least favorite Latina token writer . . . Mary Sanchez: Trump order on transgender students is separate and unequal


Anonymous said...

So Tony, do you want the job of "junk judge," to determine where someone goes poo-poo and pee-pee in every public school throughout the nation? This comes down to a religious test versus individual rights. Those who insist that a god determines gender versus those who individually come to understand who they are. There is no threat from transgender people, but the fear among the close minded is quite real. You're on the wrong side on this one: Legally, intellectually, socially.

chuck said...

Hey Mary, I woke up this morning and WOW!!! I feel kinda like braiding my hair and getting my period, but I still got this pesky dick-hang-down thing between my legs. Which, by the way Mary, has it's own elevator and waiting room. When ever I think about your hot Latina ass, it flops out and I gotta put casters under it to move it around.

But, if I "Feel" feminine, then what the fuck girlfriend, I will see ya in the next stall. Hand me a couple of squares, I had Mexican Food last night from Taco Bell and it blew through me like a fuckin Japanese Bullet Train.

I can't wait to pee right next to my favorite journalist!

Super Dave said...

I saw a story this morning about a 17 year old male who was caught having sex with appears to be a teacher at his school. Now this is where this transgender deal gets weird with me. A 17 year old boy isn't allowed to have sex with anyone he chooses because the law says he is a child and isn't capable of making the right choice in the matter and could be influenced by a person in power to make a bad choice. But the same groups that say he can't choose who to have sex with are maybe and could be saying he has the right to choose what ever sex he wants to be. So if a student who has a gay teacher decides that how this teacher lives is influencing them to now want to become a member of the opposite sex, is this not one and the same thing when it comes to what is and isn't right with our children?

If a child is unable to decide who they can have sex with, then they as well should not be allowed to decide what sex they may wish to be, but can only be identified by the male or female genitalia they were born with till after they reach the age of 18.

A well know local child forensic physiologist once told me that children are great receivers of what they see and hear, but to often lack the maturity or knowledge to interpret what they just saw or heard.

Seeing children in grade school saying they are of the opposite sex that they were born as to me clearly is a case of a child being influenced by influences of a twisted nature.

chuck said...

Mary, I want to thank you. Your Hot Latina Ass has saved me. Provided guidance in this time of Sexual Cognitive Dissonance. I mean, if I want to "Transition" but still think your ass is a mirror image of J Lo, then I must be a lesbian. This IS confusing! Yeah, it's like I wanna be Kati Lang, not Katy Perry. Kati Lang wants you bad. Everyone knows this. So, I am gonna skip the "Transition" (Thank God!! I am short, bald and fat, so I would come out of surgery looking like a Claire McCaskill doppelganger with no hair and bad glasses. We gotta think of the children here.)

But here is the thing, now that I "feel" like a Lesbian-Kati Lang, lusting after your Latina ass, do you still want me to follow you into the Lady's Room? If I can't, can I sue under Title 9? If nothing else, is there a girl's wrestling team looking for a slightly arthritic, near sighted, baaddasss with a few concussions under his/her belt?

As always, we look to you for guidance in these confusing times.

All kidding aside, send me your digits.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Making a boy who looks like a girl use the boy's rest room is stupid!

Anonymous said...

You being allowed to post anything is stupid.^^^^^

Anonymous said...

I don't see how this law is necessary. Parents go into the opposite sex restroom all the time (dads in the woman's room with 3-5 y.o. daughter, mom in the mens room with 3-5 y.o son) even Kids will occasionally go into the restroom of their parents' gender (Daughter goes in the men's room stall while dad waits outside, son version of this much less popular).

It also seems that Transgender people would be safest if they went in a unisex/individual restroom. It also seems to me that a man dressed as a woman would be safer in the woman's room than in the men's room where he may be subject to violence because of his transsexual identity and the history of homosexuals and deviant behavior in bathroom stalls.

If anything with the population getting older and more handicapped providing a locking, unisex single restroom in addition to the normal facilities would be ideal for all commercial properties built in this country going forward. Handicap stalls are very uncomfortable for people actually in wheelchairs and they could be a lot better. Plus you could have a Koala Changing Station in the unisex restroom where dad or mom can change a diaper in privacy without giving everyone a free gander at baby dick.

Sharnita RochettaTitshitster said...

Dear Mary

Please donate the bathroom YOU bought and paid for and us trangendered folks will be shitting at your house in no time. Problem Solved.

Anonymous said...

Use of public toilets are, for most people, an "ick" task and equally "yuck" topic. Add in the FUBAR Barry's BathHouse Bullshit, and you got "sick-ick-yuck".

This push for "stalls for all y'alls" is meant to desensitize kiddies to common decencies and taboos against VOYEURISM and PEDOPHILIA!!! Don't lie, the globalists and cultural marxists are BIGLY baby buggers!

Permitting little girls and boys to shower and such in the same locker rooms, do their toilet biz in the next stall IS NOT DECENT. Sure, at first femmie boys with real girls and butchy gals with real boys may seem acceptable to many. But, as sure as shit, and soon will be YA CAN'T LEGALLY DEFINE IDENTITY--Gramps, the gangstahs, and inbred goobers get to walk right into the girls' bathrooms at the school's sports events, science fair, or spelling bee!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Funkhouser demonstrating yet again his double digit IQ.

Let me know the next time your wife is going to use a public shower - I'll suddenly gender-identify as a female, and she & I will enjoy some "steam and cream".

Retro ROCKER said...

Dude looks like a lady Dude looks like a lady cruising to the bar at the shore

Anonymous said...

B'lieRON, boys who look like girls, huh? Are you saying that about those buff butch bitches who can likely benchpress bigly AND the femmie fashionista fellah Caitlyn shouldn't have to use the men's room? Females LOOK, outwardly, various ways across the globe. You forgot that, Funky.

Yep, B'lieRON, the big and bitty boys can don their face shielding burkas and cruise right into the girl's rooms in those blue states very soon.

Hell, let's all "identify" as females on even numbered days and males on the odd, wear no undies on alternating weekends, then switch that all up every two months, but, December is RENDER YOUR OWN GENDER for those 31 days!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad they discovered those seven planets that like could support life 'cause one more fucking group of freakazoids wanting equality and recognition on my tax dollars and I'm calling Space-X

Anonymous said...

As if you pay your taxes.

Bob said...

All Trump did was take the federal government out of the bathroom battles. It is doubtful that the feds have any jurisdiction of this issue under Title IX anyway. The Obama administration had the nest of vipers at DOE OCR issue "guidance" on the subject precisely because the lack of federal jurisdiction would have been made apparent in any rulemaking proceeding. Issuiing written "guidance" avoids jurisdiction issues while enabling the federal government to bully schools into obeying whether there is jurisdiction or not. It was this kind of dishonest overreaching by the feds that won Trump the election. Little wonder that he's rolling it back.

Anonymous said...

12:40 I bet I pay a hell of a lot more than you.

Anonymous said...

Nasties like 12:40 defend this "stalls for all y'alls" crap so the pedos and peeper pervs have easy access.

Anonymous said...

Hyvee (and heaven help us many more are coming very soon to bizs, bars, schools, and everydamnwhere!) at 95th & Antioch installed rows of PRIVATE POTTIES! Thanks much.

The single room with one toilet, a single sink, a changer table, and a heavy wood door with an OCCUPIED label lock is roomy enough and a DECENT DESIGN. Not quite the 'home office', but beats that phone booth squeeze from INWARD swinging stall doors (FUBAR design).

Ya get to hear the fan spinning fresh air and not fatty farts, nor smell tranny toots.

Anonymous said...

Something seriously wrong with a bunch of folks who think where they take a shit is so important as to be an is an issue for the national agenda. Maybe we should let God decide. Anyone got Fred Phelp's number?

Anonymous said...


All access locker rooms, showers, and toilet areas for very young children in their schools is the FUBARest SICKEST OF NASTINESS!

Oh sure, they'd wish us all to believe only femmie fashionista "Caitlyns" will be in those intimate settings with little girls. The pandora's box of "identity" legal mish mash will have gramps, gangstahs, and inbred goobers in the girls rooms with your daughters, wives, and mothers. Imagine burka-clad dudes (could be teen pranksters, or not) in the stalls next to actual females at school sports events, science fairs, and music recitals. Oh, it's coming if the cultural marxists and baby buggers have their way.

Anonymous said...

Forget Phelps, let's have Sandusky and son show and tell the kiddies what pedos do in the privvies, locker rooms, and showers. Yeah, I know, they're rapists who did it gay, but "all access" will permit men and boys in the girls' rooms at schools. "Identity" will be determined by self declaration. Pervies, peepers, and worse will have easy entry.

Anonymous said...


First up, how to write with BIASED, ILLOGICAL, INFLAMMATORY rhetoric while playing nasty political games on behalf of the Democratic National Committee:

"The muddled minds that now run the federal government"
Sanchez is one of the very special snowflakes who can't get over the reality that Obama is no longer President, and the country decidedly rejected the repugnant Hillary Clinton.

"This is of a piece with the attitudes and beliefs that created “For whites only” drinking fountains in the Jim Crow South."
Ok, first of all, the sentence doesn't make sense, due to Sanchez's poor grammar selection. Secondly, in a desperate attempt to score points for a losing argument, she's trying to equate bathroom access to the Jim Crow South. WTF? She's a complete loon.

"If you don’t see the correlation, you have company in the White House."
Here she's utilizing the failed tactic of preemptive intimidation.

Mary Sanchez hates democracy and local control of schools, as demonstrated by her words here: "a few parents and busybodies from town got involved, lodging complaints. The school board overreacted.."

The truth is that Sanchez likely doesn't care about the fabricated "transgender issue" but is simply using it as another means to attack Trump and Republicans.

Remember that it was mere months ago that Mary Sanchez told a story publicly, recalling that when she was a young woman, a man used to routinely enter the store where she worked, and masturbate in front of her. She said NOTHING and took NO action. Didn't call the police, didn't tell her boss, didn't tell her parents. A sexual deviant repeatedly broke the law, and Sanchez didn't do anything to stop the pervert. I wonder how many other young women he did that to, or worse?

In closing, I want everyone to ask the question, "When did you first hear the term 'transgender'?" I ask because it's part of the recently fabricated terminology of the Liberal Democratic Party, in which everyone's encouraged to be a victim, a narrowly defined special-interest group, and in need of special rights. That way, you can be pandered to by politicians and your votes secured with hollow promises.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 7:15, you schooled Mary Contrary. That is, if she can comprehend the cogent discourse. DoGood or Osterizer can translate for her, maaaybe.