Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kansas City Cold Case Communion: Vigil For Missing Strip Club Worker Toni Anderson

KCPD reports no new info as family and friends attempt to keep the story and the search in the media spotlight. Take a look: Friends hold prayer vigil for Toni Anderson, father hopeful with new KCPD lead


Anonymous said...

Covertly grab the N. K.C.Officer that stopped her and use some Medieval persuasion techniques on him and clues to her whereabouts may ooze forth! Also, if she left the bar named Chrome to go to a bar called the Shady Lady, how did she end up North of the river? Totally out of the way and much farther than her 'intented' destination?

Anonymous said...

Missing strip club worker or stripper. Still got kid gloves and niceties on this one. SMH

Stripper = Whore

Anonymous said...

2:04. That's easy. She got a late night gig that went sideways. Whore life.