Sunday, February 19, 2017


And so we come to another deadline for this calendar week wherein competition for attention grows more fierce among Internets "followers" and our blog community continues its dedication to the most critical and insightful local discourse throughout the metro.

Accordingly . . .

An interesting clip we found features former Kansas City Dead Tree Media journalists Lewis Diuguid and Jeneé "Hoopz" Osterheldt talking about the news.

It's a reminder that life and the conversation continues even after Dead Tree Media glory days have gone by . . .

Like it or not, this is an important short movie revealing how politics and patronage plan to trump mere popularity even as more Americans mistakenly gauge their self worth by social media metrics that are easily manufactured by way of Southeast Asian click-farms.

But I digress . . .

A consideration of Kansas City "journalism" has its place in the dead of night as we eagerly await and hope to embark on a new day and the beginning of the next chapter of the local discourse.

God Bless . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Both of lewis and jenee have a great social media presence. Much more interesting and probably far more widely read then their columns.

Circle KC said...

Really like that today the consultants were busy talking about the streetcar b.s. such a shame that they don't see how much they're ripping off KCMO.

Anonymous said...

didn't wanna watch the vid-

Did rich-kid Lewie Dikweed rant yet AGAIN about ..."White privilege"??

seems that was all he ever wrote about

Anonymous said...

Two Afrocentric Marxists who now have jobs at Harvard--any questions about the Ivy League ? Academia ?

chuck said...

Fuck the lying lickspittle agenda driven, Marxist/Progressive 4th Estate.

Any semblance of objectivity that remained 2 years ago and that wasn't much, is now lost in the paroxysm of faux outrage and condescension which includes daily comparisons of Trump to Hitler.

The 4th Estate's only worth now, is to excite the Democrat/Progressive base to violence. Obama Brown Shirt Thugs outnumber then attack from behind any in the streets who disagree with the Liberal Narrative, then call the very people that are attacked by these Fascists, Fascists.

They are not now, nor have they been, for decades speaking truth to power. They are, in fact, now and they have been for decades, enemies of the American Middle Class who are the puppets of elites in our local, state and national governments, puppets of the Hollywood elites, puppets of the Progressive/Democrat elites, puppets and disseminators of apparatchik professors in colleges where the curricula is agitprop propaganda, puppets of the Deep State employees that infect like a morbid necrosis the Federal Government and they are guilty of treason.

The Main Stream Media daily sells the middle class to slaughter, servitude and contempt.

They ARE THE Public Relations Firm for the Democrat/Progressive party that seeks the destruction of America. Those rich boys in those ivory towers hate the middle class almost as much as they hate Trump.

Anonymous said...

Viewer Warning: It's not an important Vimeo.

Anonymous said...

When the video opens with a white liberal Jewish woman bashing Trump, you have an overwhelming sense of where they're headed!

Can you imagine a man or woman receiving an award for being white?

And the person who presents the award to you is also white, and talks about how you mentored young white journalists?

Can someone please tell me when the best journalist, regardless of race/gender/etc. will be honored? It's not to difficult to have people submit their writing with no name, photo, or personal identifying characteristics included (just assign a random number) before a panel selects the best work.

Diuguid helps get Osterheldt into a program where she's way over her head. Osterheldt lobbies for Diuguid to receive an award, and because most of the class is composed of foreigners, they go along with it. Then magically, Diuguid himself gets a fellowship at the same Eastern liberal university.

This is what some refer to as being a "professional black person." Not a black person who is a professional, but a person who exists in the workplace based upon their race.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and common sense in this matter.