Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Kansas City Morning Link Look

Around mid-morning and we're coming back to the blog inspired by the fact that one day . . . If we work hard enough, we could have a secretary like Katie Thornton and then probably become to distracted to work.

And then there are these news links that we're starting out with . . .

Crash Lesson For Local Scholars Today
Police: 2 injured after school bus and truck collide in east Kansas City
Northeast End Game
Goalpost installed at Thacher site
Golden Ghetto Construction Criticism
Old Trailwood Elementary demolition pushed back after asbestos concerns from parents
Blaze Aftermath Across State Line
Three families displaced after apartment fire in KCK
Fanboy Rematch Talking Points
7 things that have changed since the Steelers crushed the Chiefs in Week 4 | FOX Sports
This is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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Anonymous said...

Whaddayaknow, those attorney ads for mesothelioma from Asbestos exposure took hold. Those risky abatements will be best done while that new school is closed for summer break. EPA, OSHA, Kansas NEA, and whatever alphabet soups of regulatories made the right call here.

When UMKC dozed and dumped the old dorm nasties full of the carcinogens near 50th & Oak about nine years ago, there was all out cautionary operations. Many tradesmen wore required respiration filters and hazmat suits. Huge impervious tenting over segments was in place for months of demolitions. High volume misting surrounded the site during rubble removals. Specific dump truck loads were wetted and wrapped before leaving.

It's costly to clean-up, but could cost more to settle claims for unnecessary exposures.