Tuesday, January 10, 2017


With no murders so far in 2017 . . . A moment of pause if a perfect time to look at trends that marked last year's carnage. Checkit:

In 2016, there were 389 drive-bys compared to 257 in 2015 . . .In total there were 950 drive-by shooting victims in 2016, 11 of them died of their injuries.

Board of Police Commissioners assess 2016 violence in KCMO


Anonymous said...

give it time. kansas city is violent all the time. its leaders are abusive and shitty. dont expect too much from its citizens since its leaders are a reflection of the people they represent. a liar is a thief, is a murderer, adulterer, is a scum bag. no difference. happy new year fail.

Anonymous said...

So, I guess we really are Trump nation!

Anonymous said...

I don't own a gun and wish nobody did but that ship has sailed. That said. Let's put the blame where almost all of it belongs:on black people. The amount of crime 12% of our population commits is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Since the Police Commissioners actually have the responsibility to oversee, manage, and lead the KCPD, you'd kind of think they would be on top of a statistic as critical as homicides all during the year and be asking tough questions and holding command staff accountable.
But that would require having people on the board who are engaged in local law enforcement, are sufficiently knowledgeable to ask those questions, and have the guts to demand results.
Yet another leaderless and rudderless agency of KCMO government.
2016 statistics: New York City 335 murders population 8.5 million
KCMO 126 murders population 464,000
A pathetic and tragic failure.

Anonymous said...

Just think about all of the good people around you when you're trying to catch a bus or a cab. I'm pretty sure the bus drivers and cabbies know it. There are LITERALLY hundreds of people running around KCMO who have KILLED other people... 50% clearance rate, times the # of murders

Good gravy, why even do the math?

Anonymous said...

KCPD leadership Fail.

Anonymous said...

The BOP are gutless.
And everyone at KCPD knows it.

Crazy Clown said...

KCMO Mayor Blames GUNS, NOT the Criminals, the Prosecutor, the Judges or himself and their Sick Twisted Resentencing Agenda Soft on Crime Agenda , nope its all GUNS fault according to the Degenerate LIBERAL LIBTARD Brainless Clueless Liberal Mayors who "cater & pander" to the criminals & Terrorists constantly !!

LIB'TARDS will now want to raise YOUR Taxes to pay for yet another ANTI-CRIME initiative, that will NEVER work, like the many others failed, BUT, hey it Raised your TAXES and it sounded good huh ?????

Why is it ALL those LIBERAL Controlled cities with Democratic Liberals in Government have extremely HIGH CRIME RATES ???

Kansas City Missouri
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Saint Louis
San Francisco
is it because of Degenerate THUGS and piss poor city leader ship and ideology and a bullshit phony agenda and the FACT that those Liberal City leaders are "INEPT & Incompetent" to begin with as we've all seen, or is it because of GUNS as they try to claim ???

Crazy Clown said...

KCMO Mayor and his Crew are INEPT & INCOMPETENT and full of bullshit lies & excuses, just his Communist Libtard buddy up in Chicago, that MAYOR RAHM Emmanuel and O'bama !!!

Lets NOT forget Mayor Sly James is a certified O'bama Ass Sucker too, sucked up to O'bama for photo ops every chance he could get !!!!

Sucked up to a certified Communist Degenerate scumbag and seen nothing wrong with it ???????????

This Bozo' Shit for Brains Mayor of KCMO wants to Blame Guns and NOT the criminals or his Liberal Bullshit agenda soft on Crime and Resentencing bullshit,,,,,,,

Liberals are so pathetic & disgusting and full of utter Shit = FACT !

Anonymous said...

Well we've got some work to do then: the more dead niggers the merrier.