Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fear Bad Budgets Across Missouri

Our favorite number crunchers cite a study that offers a bleak financial outlook for the biggest cities in the Show-Me State: Kansas City and St. Louis in Bad Financial Shape


Crazy Clown said...

Geeeee , can't imagine why ????

heres the 1st Factual Clue,,,,,,,,,,,

Degenerate Inept Incompetent Democratic Liberal Lib'tard Cockroaches at the helm ,,, Duhhhh !!!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

Crazy Clown enlightens us all, once again.

Anonymous said...

Actually Democratic Liberal Libtards owned by Chamber of Commerce Republicans are bankrupting KCMO. When the autopsy is completed history will show a systematic effort by both to loot the city for their personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Fucking libtards! Elect a pack of boons to run things and then act surprised when the bank has been looted.