Thursday, December 01, 2016


Kansas City's "King Of Sting" is more than willing to give a Chiefs star a second chance after trouble early in his career . . . Checkit:

Craig Glazer: Can Tyreek Hill Take Chiefs To The Promised Land?

The Chiefs now have one of the most talked about NFL stars in the league, Tyreek Hill. I can't remember when any Chiefs player in years has received the national attention of young Mister Hill. He was the star of the monster win last Sunday Night over Denver in what many are calling an NFL regular season classic. The overtime win 30-27 by KC was marked with huge hits by the defense, 3 sacks by Justin Houston and same for Broncos, late comeback in fourth quarter by Alex Smith and big plays by Travis Kelce, and of course the short overtime field goal by KC that hit the goal post but went in for the win!

However the national media focused on Tyreek Hill, Chiefs wide receiver, punt and kickoff returner and running back. The former OSU standout scored 3 touchdowns Sunday night, a return, a run as a back and a TD in the air, was only done once back in 1965 by Gale Sayers. Hill is 22 years old and even though he has just recently become a 'big' part of the offense has 7 TD's, 5 receiving. Hill leads the team in scores already. With 5 games left in regular season, who knows it could climb well past 10 or more.

Many, including myself, think he is the real deal. A weapon like no other in the NFL. Who can you really compare him too? Remember that one handed TD catch a few weeks back? More than just speed, he has hands, NFL IQ, he sees the field and plans his runs. He may well be in many ways unique today. If KC can get deep into the playoffs, this man could ignite a Super Bowl run.

Yes we all know about his domestic violence charge and probation. The details are slim, but not good, punched his girlfriend who was several weeks pregnant and choked her. Not good. However if this was a onetime incident, I think at 22 he deserves a second chance to see if he is reformed. She is fine, the baby is fine and yes it was stupid and horrid mistake. However as we all know if you can play at a high level in the NFL, all may be forgiven, in times, but not forgotten.

Is he a gimmick player? Was it a fluke? Is he a super star like none the Chiefs offense has ever seen? I lean towards the latter. At 5'10" and only 185 pounds, he's not a big man, but he plays big. Nobody in the NFL has that speed, and moves today. I'm in the camp of this will continue. With Jeremy Maclin coming back to help Alex Smith, it will give Hill more room to get open. Yes he will be double teamed and watched closely now, however that opens up Travis Kelce and other receivers. His punt returns are electric, if they kick away from him it could cause the Chiefs to get great field position with poor punts.

One man cannot do it all. The Chiefs defense stepped up Sunday Night, it needs to continue to improve and become a shut down group, like the Broncos last year. Alex Smith is of course an issue, but maybe, just maybe all this will help him improve. He was outstanding in the fourth quarter at Denver and in overtime. At times he makes great throws. He does have it in him.

Now for the first time in years the Chiefs are being looked at as a true Super Bowl contender, are they? The next five games are all against playoff teams or ones that are deep in it. Atlanta on the road, Oakland, Denver and Tennessee here, then Chargers on the road. A tough group. Chiefs will likely need at least 4 wins to take the division including a victory over the Raiders here.

Is Tyreek Hill the missing piece we have been looking for? He may well be, its exciting, finally. We will all soon know.


Anonymous said...

Everybody deserves a second chance. A super bowl would go a long way toward redemption.

JoJo said...

I suspect that no one in Kansas City will care about his past if he keeps up this level of play.

I absolutely agree with Craig that this year's team has shown some definite signs of improvement and other than a few positions, the Chiefs are competing at the top levels of the NFL right now. I hope they can keep it up for a fee more weeks because now is when the season gets really tough.

Anonymous said...

Anytime your future is dependent on somebody named Tyreek, you are fucked.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Finally, somebody with a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

More bullshit from the King of Shit

Hopefully Super Dave have a story here soon and give us something worth reading.

Anonymous said...

As usual Craig good article. Love the haters, huh?

Anonymous said...



Tyreek? WTF?

Hill, a Georgia native, was raised by his mother, Virginia Hill, and has a son that was born during his time at Oklahoma State.

Stillwater police records indicate that on December 12, 2014, Hill was arrested on complaints of assault of his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend. OSU dismissed him from the football team after the charges.

Hill eventually plead guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation and was sentenced to three-years of probation, an anger-management course, a year-long batterer's program, and was required to undergo a domestic-abuse evaluation . His ex-girlfriend eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Same tired old fucking story! We've seen this movie how many times now? Gifted athlete continually passed through school and slapped on the wrists for serious offenses, because the school needs more wins and more money.

My Chiefs boycott continues!

Anonymous said...

All you JoCo middle management stooge CUCK BOYS got your Tyreek jerseys ready to wear to the office?

Greedo said...

The Glaze is right on target with this one.

We need to start looking at the next generation of Chiefs players.

Hill is the best of the bunch. Forget about his past, there are scores of NFL players who are much worse. What's clear is the Hill has the goods and he's delivering.

Can we say the same thing about Alex Smith?

Anonymous said...

Screw Glazer, like the other guy said bring on another Super Dave story.

Anonymous said...

The Glaze has been hit and miss on the Chiefs. If he's thinking they're on the upswing. It may be time to bet against.