Saturday, November 19, 2016


We can argue about the implications of Trump's rise to power or his promises and proposed policies that have more widespread support than anyone wants to admit -- But there is no debating a simple fact: Neither Trump nor his supporters are nice.

Arguments supporting America First, raging against political correctness, illegal immigration, name-calling targeting detractors are all effective and acceptable rhetorical tactics to achieve legislative aims but that doesn't mean those values are Christian, benevolent and anything more than part of the same toxic political discourse that most Americans have rejected.

Trump and his allies are bullies and Internet trolls - They have triumphed and won the White House but not the hearts and minds of people who value kindness, charity and the Christmas spirit of peace and goodwill toward humankind.

It's too late for supporters of Trump to backtrack now and offer phony conciliatory messages for the holiday season. The "Make America Great" campaign was forged by exploiting political divisions, brutally attacking all opposition and defending course malicious rhetoric in order to inspire voters to act out of concern for their own self-interest while disparaging all of those who didn't fall into a very specific demographic or ideological bent. Politically, there's absolutely nothing wrong with these tactics and they are clearly effective - But they're not Christian in any sense of the word.

And the abandonment of decorum, dignity and respect in the Republican party is parabolically apropos given that they've constantly criticized their opposition for the same kind of godless ideology.

There's the argument that all of the nasty campaigning was in service of traditional American values which do support Judeo-Christian morality professed during the holiday season ... But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. When we ask ourselves "What Would Jesus Do?" there are many schools of thought but very few legitimate theologians would argue that firing off mean tweets and fist fighting at political rallies are in line with the "Golden Rule" taught by Christ.

TKC Reality Check: The one with the gold makes the rules.

And this brings us to the ridiculous "Secret Santa" tradition that clogs Kansas City mainstream media during the holiday season with shameless, pointless and meaningless sentimentality.

Once again we must remind Kansas City that charity can not to the work of social justice and hypocritical concern for the poor, suffering and disenfranchised during the holiday season while raging against those very same people during campaign season is not only a disgusting contradiction but also an despicably transparent political ploy.

Translation: Trump supporters can't have it both ways. Hating the poor, immigrants and minorities all year round and then relenting during Christmas IS NOT Christian in much the same way that picking and choosing the beneficiary of charities by way of demographics, nationality and political ideology is also contrary to the values which Christians profess - Charity for only a chosen few isn't generous but merely another campaign trick.

Accordingly . . .


And all of this is simply to remind readers that there are no "good guys" when it comes to politics now that the ideals which once served as the foundation of American Democracy have now been supplanted by reality show ethics.

On the bright side, at least some of the last remaining Kansas City radio stations have already switched over to Christmas music in order to power the season of shopping for cheap Chinese merchandise that's only partially curtailed due to limited Black Friday shutdowns that were ordered because of an increasingly larger percentage of broke-ass locals. To wit . . . Here's our 1st Christmas playlist of 2016:

White Christmas pretty much says it all amid this election season given talk of "Whitelash" in the aftermath of Trump victory.

Last Christmas deserves mention amid recent fear from the LGBT community that their rights will be rolled back during the Trump years.

Finally, "Do They Know It's Christmas" is a TKC fave not only because it's condescending and hopelessly pompous but also because it's unflinchingly British -- Which is appropriate given that this entire blog is simply a cheap cowtown knockoff of better tabloids across the pond.

Ultimately, in the spirit of the Christmas that started this year sometime around August. We wish season's greeting and happy holidays to all political combatants no matter their leanings because we believe that's what sweet baby Jesus would do AND because it's good for business. Thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Christmas before Thanksgiving. That's Kansas City for you.

Go For KC! said...

Actually, Kansas City is conservative and very generous.

Instead of raging against politics, let's focus on some great KC charities that do a lot of good.

The first that comes to mind is Project break through:

They do good work and they are supported by all people during Christmas and all year round.

Anonymous said...

Will Mayor Sly James be inviting another gangster rapper to his tree fund? That certainly sends the right message for the holidays.

The History Of Christmas said...

Christmas already? It really has nothing to do with Christ.

You should include this in your playlist:


Anonymous said...

Toneeeee is just so bitter.........


Anonymous said...

Trump is a false idol.

Anonymous said...

WTF Tony, did you smoke some bad shit and turn into the Grinch? You're truly delusional tonight.

Bob said...

Here's my conciliatory message for the holiday season: Fuck you.

Greedo said...

I liked this post because it was bitter. Good shit. Just like Trump. Somebody has got to call out this stupid stupid politics.

Anonymous said...

8:11 Talking out your ass. You need to watch a rerun of election night? You cry babies have 8 full years to figure out how full of crap you are. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sorry your negroe buddies are going to be on the losing end of the next four, eight, fifty years Tony. But thanks to their leeching, deadly and destructive ways, they've earned it.

You're on the wrong team little man. You never should have been supporting them. You're gonna continue to get schooled.


We are.

Anonymous said...

"due to limited Black Friday shutdowns that were ordered because of an increasingly larger percentage of broke-ass locals."


Delusional is right.

Anonymous said...

"Trump and his allies are bullies and Internet trolls - They have triumphed..."

They certainly have defeated you, loser. And your happy times are merely beginning.

ha ha

Anonymous said...

Mean spirited white people have been a mainstay since the existence of the United States. Only white people think shipping people across oceans and pretending that they are not human was an economic endeavor. Trump hasnt brought this out of them. It was there, condemned by the PC crowd and the volume of their outrage has been notched down. Now, you can hear the hatred clearer. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Oh..., ok. Now that some white people, act like blacks and browns have been acting for 30 years, while soaking up bennies and give-aways provided by those same whites, YOUR PISSED?

The Rule Of Law is what makes this country different from the 3rd world hell holes all these folks who show up and then suck off of the gubbmint tit while again, hating the folks who pay for the bennies.

Your upset about harsh language?

Your right, no one should apologize, war was declared on whites long ago, now, some of them are returning the acrimony, racism and hatred
in kind. Good.

Anonymous said...

8:39 More libtard half truths. Boons were shipped across the ocean because other boons in Africa were selling them as slaves. Had they not be bought they would have been enslaved or killed in Africa by boons., I do understand why it is handy for you to blame the actions of black folks on whitey. You have been doing it from day one.

Super Dave said...

Christmas Lesson

Christmas is a special time
To give, to serve, to love
It isn't just about yourself,
But others that you think of

The presents, the trees, the glowing lights
Are fun but have no part
In what the real meaning of Christmas is...
That is in your heart

Even if other people don't,
You should try to do
The things that you would want
Them to do to you!

The holidays are a busy time
But they are sometimes good
Because they keep you thinking
About others like you should

So this year, try to not think about yourself
But think of the things you can do
To help others have a wonderful Christmas
And you will find that you will be happy too

© Julesies

Black Lives Matter said...

Damn! Who knew deese white boys wud hate us like we hate dem?

Anonymous said...

Damn SD you are right.

I am gonna run out and buy an illegal a bus ticket back to Mexico and save him from getting has ass stomped by ICE

Felice Navidad Jose!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Trump is a Christian. Is he? Definitely not his style.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Trump would join a crowd that butt fucks little boys and then uses the whole religious institution to cover it up. .....Mr. Christian

cml said...

Liberals always, always assume they have the moral high ground.

Bullshit. "Mean Spirited"?

Tell that shit to all those Trump supporters who were spit on, beaten, egged, insulted and intimidated by thugs over the last 18 months.

The media eviscerated Trump supporters calling them idiots, rubes, racist etc. Now, a little push back and Americans are supposed to pony up cash for your "safety pins", "safe spaces" and pretend that the violence, calumny, intimidation and humliation delivered from the left never happened.

Santa Clause was the white working class that paid the tab.

Time to grow up, pay ur own way and follow the Rule Of Law. There is no Santa Clause. Just tax payers who are tired of paying for people who hate them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this post is liberal, it is more conservative Christian tHan any of the comments. Trump is a good salesman but most of the Republicans don't like him either.

By Rights said...

Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to those of us who simply want our immigration laws enforced.

Anonymous said...

"Fundamentally, almost no one coming from the Dominican Republic to the United States is coming because they have a skill that would benefit us and that would indicate their likely success in our society. They come in because some other family member of a qualified relation is here as a citizen or even a green card holder. That is how they get to come. They are creating a false document to show these are relatives or their spouses and they are married when it is not so.”

Our new attorney general!!!

Anonymous said...

Ever been to the Plaza. Go there now and find those mean spirited, hatefilled whites milling about. Don't convince me I have to deal with their bullshit everyday.

Anonymous said...

chuck, use brobdingnag in a sentence again.

Such as, "Chuck is a Brobdingnagian idiot."

Anonymous said...


Dr Islam, MD said...

The left in this country has been decapitated- allah be praised

Anonymous said...

9:40 Your factless comment is a gut buster. Your injection of the idea that MOST Republicans reject Trump is a bigger crock of shit than the prevailing belief that Hillary is really mother earth. Even the, so called, Republican leaders that objected to Trumps candidacy have now be certified as kiss asses.

Anonymous said...

^^^ So you really think he and the Republican speaker are going to get along. The RNC already has the long knives out for Trump. They'll slice him long before the Democrats have a chance. Stop getting all your news from TV. It's making you stupid @5:51.

Anonymous said...

6:00 Oh, I see. I should be getting my news from the likes of you, eh? Why don't you state a little fact amongst your dementia inspired baloney? You are speculating, in spite of your lack of qualification, and that is FAR from fact. Com back in 8 years when you grow up and tell us all how what you think is more important than what we think.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is over. Like America is over. There is no god but Trump.

Anonymous said...

Go PRESIDENT TRUMP! There are lots of us deplorables that think you're just fine...

Alphonso Calhoun said...

Gee Tony I do not know what you have been smoking or drinking but I sure do not want any of it.
Obviously you have not been watching the news and digesting what the HilLIARy snowflakes have been doing to people like assaulting them.
Tony, you should contact the Clinton Foundation as they have a Black Friday special offering 95% off their speeches. This will be right up your alley.

Free KC said...

^^^ Missed the point. This post wasn't pro-Hillary.

If anything, seems more like a pro-Ted Cruz post. He was the only only real Christian in the election. The Republicans gave up their soul to win the election.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Christians. Fucking Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

don't like mixing religion and politics. the arguments are all tautologies.

Anonymous said...

Trump won fair and square. I see nothing but a lot of crying and whining after the voters have spoken!

Vote KC said...

Trump lost the popular vote. He deserves to be thrown out of office fair and square.

No confidence.