Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Kansas City Sunday Morning Link Stand

We start this Sunday morning with a peek at some of the top local mainstream media links backed inspired by angelic lingerie hotties. Take a look:

Police Crash Across The State Line
KCK officer's car struck
Local Grappling Report
WWE Kansas City Live Event Results (11/26): Styles vs Ambrose Street Fight, Ellsworth Appears, Corbin Wrestles Twice and More (Photos)
Golden Ghetto Burns Last Night
Overland Park fire leads to evacuation
Mass Shooting Aftermath
Woman faces sentencing in Kansas factory shooting case
TKC Congrats To Winning Stags
Bishop Miege grabs its third straight Kansas football title, defeating Buhler 53-21
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Kudos are in order for the Conservatives who tricked the election recount.we can see that a second loss should put a dagger in Nancy Pelosi's life works and all the kind will be crushed a second time. Nothing short of brilliant. Strategies like this will surely prolong the demise of Deomcrats everywhere.
With a clear mandate Republicans can finally shorten the rich-poor divide- eliminate quotas and empower all people so glass ceilings will go away and minorities will achieve equality... all of this shows the failings of 8 years of Obama. For 8 years the puppet-do nothing-community organizer helped build the current Trump mode and if failure is ever rewarded... it is now!
Take a walk outside of all the homes in America that voted for Hillary and you will find an abundance of marbles. After the agony of a second defeat- as liberals continue to lose all their marbles- perhaps then and only then will everyone realize that. Urgent social policies advocated by Democrats help. Ring everyone dow.
Ring in the new year with happy faces and tune into Fox as we all help to Make America Great Again!!

Anonymous said...

Help protest against humanity by wearing safety pins. The apparent shortage of safety pins has hurt diapers stay up on babies and this is terrible. Now in college- these babies will cry over the 2nd election with their diapers around their ankles.