Saturday, November 12, 2016

Super Dave Reflects On MSM Polling FAIL And The Future For Prez-Elect Trump

Friend of the blog and a denizen of the TKC blog community. Here's the word from our pal Super Dave . . .

Super Dave: My views and thoughts on the election

Here is a story that was inspired to me today after hearing a song I had not heard in a long time and I honestly think Terry Kath wrote it for times such as this.

The elections are over and the voters have made their voices heard all across our nation. Some are happy and some are just full of hate, while others are accepting it but not happy. I have seen many elections over the years and this was without a doubt the craziest one yet. Was it really any different than those of the past? Yes it was in many ways, from those running for office to how mass media attempted to run the election. One thing that was made very clear to us and as many of us has pondered for some time is how “Polls” can be tweaked to give the results you want it to make, in an attempt to change the outcome. In 2000 George W. Bush (R) won 271 electoral votes and a popular vote of 50,455,156 while Albert A. Gore (D) received 266 electoral votes and 50,992,335 popular votes. That was a much closer election that what we just saw this last week. Did protesters take to the streets over it? Did many well know artist and actors all scream how they were leaving the country? Nope, you had the normal grumblings for a few days and Grandpa being in rare form at Thanksgiving because his candidate lost.

One thing missing was the intense mass media coverage that we saw in the Clinton/Trump race. You couldn’t open a single paper of news/information publications without seeing some poll or another and most times rather limp accusations against one or the other politicians while lacking any real facts to back them up. Face it, many broadcast news media outlets made it no secret who they were backing for President. In fact, CNN got the nickname of Clinton News Network. What ever happened to just reporting the news as it happened unbiased, over making up the news? All the social internet sites for the past year as well have been afire with finger pointing and creeps crawling out of the woodwork from nowhere trying to gain two seconds of fame by bring up something false or not the whole truth with asinine statements. People seem to often accept what they read simply because it’s on the internet. But I think we also saw a good many people started to see through the crap the mass media was throwing at us and started applying some common sense into who they voted for. Sure it was a close race, heck just look at who was running for office. But a change was needed and a change has been coming for some time and it has now arrived. Will Donald Trump our new elected to be President be that person? I really don’t know any more than most of you who claim to know he won’t be. He has 4 years to try and show us what he can do before the next election where we can vote him out if we don’t like it. But remember it takes us all, together as a nation to make it better for everyone.

I stumbled across this really great song today by the late Terry Kath the seemed to instill a relaxing calm upon me and I invite everyone to listen to this song and see if it doesn’t do the same for you.


Anonymous said...

God Stupor Dave you're





You say nothing but take up space doing it.

Die in a fire.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Super Dave,

Thanks for this posting. Aside from the small minority of extremists who have gone ballistic following the election, what I'm finding among my social contacts is that there's a surprising calm settling over us.

Whether your candidate of choice prevailed on Tuesday or not, most people really were tired of all the harsh political rhetoric. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but is there the possibility that in the coming days most Americans can begin concentrating on communicating and working with each other? I hope so.

I listened to your song choice, and did find it calming. Reminded me very much of a Ray Charles selection.

God Bless The Sisters,
God Bless The Brothers,
God Bless The Fathers,
God Bless The Mothers,
God Bless The Children,
God Bless Everybody,
God Bless The World Today...
God Bless America!!!

....and God Bless TKC, Kansas City's Last Free Speech Zone, because the people have a voice and they wish to express themselves.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech. HE TELLS THE TRUTH. HE TELLS THE TRUTH. HE TELLS THE TRUTH. WITH NO BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will someone tell me where I can take a leak?

Your friend
Tranny Shagnastien

Anonymous said...

5:37 talk about wasting space, what a moron.

Anonymous said...

5:53 ..... It's his Safe Space.

Anonymous said...


Alphonso Calhoun said...

Super Dave also reminded me of a song, You Can't Always Get What You Want. It is such a great soothing song. Best listened to in the libtards safe space.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

The who are upset are that way because they were told for over a year that trump had no chance, and they believed it
They're were told; trump won't get the women vote, but he did
Trump won't get the Hispanic vote but he got more than Romney
Trump won't get the black vot but he got more than Romney
He get he swing states but he did

What they were never told was

It the economy, stupid!! Not bathrooms

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what the Leftists are spewing, Hillary did NOT receive the majority of votes. Both she and Trump finished with 47.7% of the vote. In 1992, Bill Clinton finished with 43% of the vote; where were the protests then?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter. No one was bitching about the electoral college a week ago. Game Over!

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful piece , SD..Some pretty serious wishful thinking , but hey Nothing wrong with that.
I enjoyed the song .Some really good stuff and yes it did seem to calm me , as well..ya know,I had never even heard of the guy.Thank's for turning me on to him..

Really fuckin weird that I had never heard of this dude...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it...has a Van Morrison vibe, with smooth vocal similarity.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ agreed. Very easy on the ear's.

Adrian G. said...

Really liked this post from Dave. He has the right idea about this election. You have to step back from it for a second and just hope everything works out for the best!