Monday, November 21, 2016

Show-Me Democratic Party Comeback???

Missouri's Super minority Democratic Party is now at it's lowest point in the modern era in terms of legislative power but this optimistic reporter sees a way back from the abyss. Checkit: Missouri Democrats hope to recover from their crippling losses at the polls


Anonymous said...

Claire, where you went wrong is you didn't listen to those that matter, instead you gave handouts to those who don't matter.

Anonymous said...

Dear Claire McAssKill,

Your first mistake already, is to use perverted language to describe a "listening tour."

While you're on your "listening tour" "dialoguing" with "stakeholders", remember to "think outside the box" and pull your head out.

Anonymous said...

Call Benny Hihn! It will take a miracle.

Anonymous said...

How about this Claire - go away, the majority of Missourians detest you. Then your next candidate for governor should come out and be honest about who he is. Your next US Senate candidate shouldn't lie about serving out the term he was elected to. Then hopefully your next presidential candidate is not a hated woman who has spent a lifetime lying to the country. Maybe someone who could beat the worst Republican candidate ever.

Anonymous said...

hey, it doesn't look like they would know how to change their spots, so why waste time?

Crazy Clown said...

Had 1 of those Communist Libtards come around the neighborhood over here , trying to get Naive fools to vote for Hillary

I went out and ran him off, once I told him I was a TRUMP Supporter

and everybody else all the neighbors are also TRUMP Supporters

Told him to leave, the area, wrong area punk !

go blow smoke up their naïve asses down on prospect, or troost or Indiana somewhere,,,,,