Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rock Chalk Trump Hate, Too!!!

College towns take to the streets against the Prez-Elect this weekend too. Here's the aftermath from last night's march: Protesters march through streets of Lawrence, Kan. to denounce Trump


Anonymous said...

The election was last week. That is probably why the lost.

Anti-protester said...

Everyone needs to read the cover of the National Enquirer- "Hillary and Huma going to JaiL" The protesters should be thanking Trump for winning and writing letters to the Pope to make Wikileaks' Assuage a Saint for exposing HRC.

There are plenty of one-way airline tickets out of the US for those who think they can get a better deal in a weaker country... I am sure every Hollywood tofu-liberal-commie-left-wing-rotten a actor/actress is making good on their promise to live elsewhere will let you have a seat next to them on their Lear and will pay you $7 an hour to be their nanny while they take in millions and complain about this country.
The only thing Trump should do before he is takes office is buy every mirror available and gift wrap them and hand them out to Hollywood and the protesters so when they unwrap the mirrors they can finally see what is wrong with America.

Anonymous said...

No, these protesters more likely were protesting how crappy the KU football team is. (Sarc)

Bob said...

What's true of Madison Wisconsin is also true of Lawrence Kansas: 30 square miles surrounded by reality.

Anonymous said...

Please write the NEW president and demand that Federal grants, backed student loans and scholarships involving Federal funds are halted immediately until these dregs of the earth see a shrink and pass a psychological battery. These folks have issues.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ I agree

Crazy Clown said...

Wanna help stop their silly little protests ???

just hand them a used VIDEO GAME and tell them to go home,,,,,,

those sniveling little communist Ass Clowns will be so delighted, they'll forget why they are even out there in the 1st place !!

Maybe hand them some cotton candy laced with a Tranquilizer to put them to sleep :) !!!

Can you imagine these Degenerate Communist Ass Clowns at their place of work, what FEW have real jobs anyway,,,,, I'll bet that's a Trip itself watching them attempt to actually work ?????

Ohhhh shit mention the word WORK at one of their protests and watch that protest come to an abrupt end real fast !!!!

Run - Run somebody mentioned the word WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love it.
This so Funny.
They Lost and they're are so pissed off.
LOL. Love it.
It's fun to watch.