Tuesday, November 22, 2016

KU Racist Snapchat Life Lesson

The male students were also suspended as social media silly once again wrecks a somewhat promising future . . . University of Kansas cheerleaders suspended for KKK Snapchat pic


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They should have worn Black Panther outfits and no one would have said a damn thing.

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dayton said...

there was a twitter content banning test,, an account said
" i hate donald trump, any of you white people that vote for him go to hell"

another controlled accounted said

"i hate hillary clinton, any of you black people that voted for him go to hell"

guess which account was terminated.

Lori Bigler said...

Really? Excuses and pivoting? How about someone saying that this is disappointing to see a KKk post, even if it was supposed to be a joke because we don't want racist epithets representing the University of Kansas?