Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Kansas Supreme Court Stays Winning

A controversial effort that invoke notorious Kansas criminals, abortion, and gun rights still came up short as denizens of the Sunflower State opted against a radical change. Checkit: All Kansas Supreme Court Justices Retained


Anonymous said...

Well at least one thing went right last night. A few Democrats won seats in the Legislature but too many clowns like Mary Pilcher-Cook won their elections. Kansans re-electing the same asshats that got the state millions in debt and lost jobs just proves how dumb we are. Americans as a whole are uninformed rubes and Kansans are among the worst.

The Truth of the Matter said...

I'll take the whole state of Kansas over Kansas City and St Louis any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that they didn't all get recalled, but I think it has been brought to their attention that the citizens of Kansas are going to pay attention to what they do. I was not a Yoder voter until he got the message that people were watching how he voted and decided to follow their will. There is no free ride for any politician any more. I think that point has been made to these judges as well.