Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kansas City Northeast News Clowns Hillary

The recount effort now joined by the Clinton camp is not only the subject of a scathing editorial critique but also the inspiration for El Bryan's latest comic in this week's edition of Kansas City's most Conservative and prolific urban core newspaper.

Money quote with a local connection:

"Back in 2002 when Mrs. Clinton attended a private fundraiser in California for then Missouri Senator Jean Carnahan, she openly questioned the results of the 2000 election of then sitting President George Bush by stating for the record that Bush was “selected, not elected.”

Double bonus points for mentioning of the "Clinton-body-count" which was a nice touch for those of us who read way too much Internets news.

You decide . . .

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now we have to listen to right wing nuts for four years.

Bob said...

You won't be able to hear us right wing nuts if you will only move to Canada. But Canada is much pickier about whom they let into the country - have to be able to support yourself, at a minimum - so you may be stuck here. Try Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Hillary would have died in office anyway.Just watch and see.