Saturday, November 05, 2016

Kansas City Light Rail Vote Vs. Streetcar Toy Train Extension Enthusiasts: Activist Clay Chastain Rages Against Critics!!!

Recently . . . We noted the streetcar deriding the Clay Chastain light rail plan.

In fairness, here's the response from the only Kansas City activist to win a citywide transit vote in the modern era.

Take a look:

Clay Chastain: Hypocritical Regional Transit Alliance (RTA) Board comes out against Light Rail Question #3.

How is it a transit board (RTA) can come out against a ballot initiative (Light Rail Question #3) that seeks to make innovative and significant improvements to the city's out-dated, unpopular and ineffective transit system when their own misssion statement says its goal is to support improvements and enhancements to public transportation?

And, how is it that same RTA advocacy group can support the city's downtown streetcar line for tourists that does not significantly improve or enhance the city's public transportation system?

This only proves that the RTA is more of a political-oriented group (controlled by the city) than a transit-oriented organization for the people.

Vote Yes for Light Rail Question #3 if you want to shake this city up and provide the people a more green, prosperous and transit-oriented city.

Clay Chastain...Degreed Electrical
Engineer and the leader of people's Light Rail Question #3.


Anonymous said...

he performed a service but maybe now people have too much of a kneejerk negative reaction even if he's totally right.

Anonymous said...

He is the only transit activist who had a plan passed by voters in a non-gerrymandered election.

Anonymous said...

"Transit activist".

Anonymous said...

The town idiot has a point...

Anonymous said...

He's been at it longer than you, trolley boy.

Anonymous said...

VOTE NO Vote NO Vote twice NO on Clay's play ToOT TOOT

Anonymous said...

Clay didn't have to rig an election and make it a mail-in vote to make sure it passed. Can't say that, can you trolley boy?

Anonymous said...


If you ever stay at the Paris Hilton, tell the concierge you want to go around the world!!!