Monday, November 07, 2016

Char Char & Back To The Kansas City Grind


Brit hottie Charlotte Springer inspires the start of this important work week once again as we review more than a few local news items and start the election count down.

Take a peek:

Cowtown Company Losing???
Sell Kansas City Southern
Golden Ghetto Tragedy Report
Motorcycle crash kills 1 in Overland Park
Truman Sports Complex Problems Persist
Clark Hunt on Arrowhead parking, Raiders in Vegas, Chiefs in St. Louis
Murky Election Aftermath
How Would Clinton, Trump Clean Up Midwest Waterways?
Kansas City Public Relations Amid Ongoing Season Of Protest
Chiefs wear sweatshirts honoring fallen service members
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

What are roast beef flaps?

Anonymous said...

^^^ They're delicious, now get a new joke.

Super Dave said...

Oh, so the NFL thugs say they want to honor fallen service members, while allowing some members to snub the national anthem. Sorry but the Chiefs can kiss my ass, I'll never support them again.

Anonymous said...


Charlotte would get so wet and wild while we skinny-dipped, that I started calling her the watering hole!!!

Anonymous said...

I am losing sleep over the parking issues at Arrowhead.

Anonymous said...

Fallen service members but not the 22 vets who committed suicide that day.