Monday, October 10, 2016

Will Kansas City Taxes Save The East Side???

Here's a bit more insight on the recent effort to fund the East side by way of tax increase. Take a look:

Kansas City Biz Journal: KC incentive reform fails to stop government by petition


"Petitioners affiliated with the Urban Summit and other African-American community groups turned in the signatures of 1,900 residents who support a 30-year, one-eighth-cent sales tax increase to support East Side development. If 1,708 of those signatures are determined to be valid, the City Council will consider petitioners’ request to have the sales tax placed on the ballot in Kansas City in April.

The ballot proposal would use the roughly $8 million raised from the sales tax increase each year to support development in an area bounded by Ninth Street to the north, Gregory Boulevard to the south, Indiana Avenue to the east and the Paseo to the west."

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

More taxes, more handouts. KC is the only city in the world where no one nor business has to make it on its own merits. No wonder so much of the citizenry is about hand outs. There is no incentive to achieve anything on your own.

Anonymous said...

Does this tax have any private business interest?

Anonymous said...

No. Remember Beacon Hill? Community Development Block Grants don't work. Exactly what are we saving the eastside from? This City generates enough revenue already to support the eastside the same as it does for all other areas of town. They just need to commit to equal distribution of taxes and city services, with the same quality and care as other areas.

Anonymous said...

The east side gets more free crap, handouts, grants and giveaways than the rest of the city. When was the last time someone over there paid for their brand new sidewalk and curb? More damn black bullshit.

Anonymous said...

You cannot develop anything except drug houses in a crime ridden neighborhood. Building things does not create jobs, bring in residents or increase overall prosperity as long as people are being shot at.