Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Kansas City Sunday Link Look

The angelic Karlie Kloss inspires a quick link round-up as was check in this Sunday midday. Take a look:

Kansas City Crash Report
Fleeing driver hits police vehicle, runs away
Competition For Local Hipsters???
Forbes calls Cleveland 'America's hottest city right now'
Iconic 1st Responder Image
Raytown home likely a total loss after overnight fire
More Kansas City Fighting Against Crime
Family joins with Ad Hoc Group Against Crime to search for father of two's killer
Tragic Crash Aftermath
17-year-old dies in SUV wreck in Oak Grove
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Well, apparently im not hip ,quick or smart enough to figure out
what is ironic in the "ironic 1st responder image"..

Tony,would you ,or someone else out there,that get's it, care to enlighten me?

Greedo said...

The word Tony wrote was ICONIC not ironic. I just think Tony liked the picture:

"The original meaning of iconic was essentially "resembling an icon", but today it more often seems to mean "so admired that it could be the subject of an icon". "

Anonymous said...

LOLZ I wouldn't mind KLOSSING with that gal's panties I'll tell you that much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Greedo. I read it wrong.should have looked at it
I was really puzzled by Ironic..Iconic fits much bad!!

Anonymous said...

"Forbes calls Cleveland 'America's hottest city right now'"

But, but, but... Cleveland doesn't even have a streetcar. How can they be kewl?

Anonymous said...

LOLZ it looks like the media's love affair with small midwestern cities is predominantly dependent on sports teams' success.

Anonymous said...

Re Competition For Local Hipsters. KCMO must start making investments to revitalize downtown. How about an entertainment district and an amusement ride that would go from River Market to Union Station?

Anonymous said...

These newspapers, magazines, and online sites declare different cities to be the best of something month after month, mostly to try to increase their circulation or hits.
And the eager boosters with their inferiority complexes in each little burg named wet their pants and froth at the mouth at being named without ever noticing that next month it's some place else.
Marketing to attention spans of gnats.
What's KCMO at the top of this week?
Murders, water bills, lousy streets, and budget shortfalls.
Who's competing?

Anonymous said...

Hope they all move to Cleveland

Anonymous said...

"Family joins with Ad Hoc Group Against Crime to search for father of two's killer"

When was the last time Adhoc Group Against Crime did anything, anything worth mentioning as far as crime goes? Yet, this family goes to the group with very few accomplishments other than being seen on television and getting shout outs from KPRS. Doing the same thing, year after year, expecting different results?

dayton said...

the hottest city, why cuz the injuns are in the world series,,, or some other fad trend> but aduelation dues to cleveland, another rust belt midwest metro,

Anonymous said...

They had a lot bigger mob than us. Our's was quieter though,
which allowed it to profit more and exist longer.