Monday, October 17, 2016

The Kansas City Link Layout Tonight

This evening we finish off our posting day with a peek at our favorite Brit pr0n babe Sophie Dee who has also done "mainstream" horror movies that are actually much more embarrassing than having sex for money on video. Spooky.

Accordingly, we also take a peek at these Kansas City mainstream media links right now . . .

Clumsy Kansas City Gunfire
Two people injured in accidental shooting in KCMO
Roeland Park Good Time Sacrilege
Teens ticketed for throwing party in dead woman's home
Cowtown Crazy Talk
Hitting the streets to help KC's 10 thorniest mental health cases
Sunflower State Busted Budget Consequence
Brownback wary of tax hike, won't rule idea out
Golden Ghetto Stock Footage "Scandal"
Yoder commercial drawing chuckles in campaign's final weeks
Nobody Wants To End Up In Blue Springs
Group raises money to send slain Blue Springs man home for funeral
Rolling With Tech Despite Prez Obama Cash
Prospect MAX Bus Line Will Still Be High-Tech, Even Without Federal Smart City Grant
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I guess this transit ride will not be free because it will be used by the taxpayers in KCMO. Too bad it won't be used by tourist and then they would make it free.

Anonymous said...


In their own words... Democrats inciting violence at Trump rallies. Outrageous, yet not surprising.