Sunday, October 16, 2016

Show-Me Democratic Party Hope That Missouri Voters Won't Vote GOP Trump Ticket

An excellent overview of top ranking Democrats attempting to make themselves more appealing to Red State voters who still favor Trump after all that's happened. Take a look: How Are These Two Down-Ballot Democrats Surviving in Trump-Friendly Missouri?


Anonymous said...

You can hope in one hand and shit in the other....... No fucking way I'm voting for Hilary.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, remember all the pissed off old white people that make up the rest of the state, yes they will come out in droves to vote this time!

Missouri, home to 6 million moron Repukes said...

Missouri is full of stupid people. Wanting to be 1% while in the 15% tax bracket.

Morons like Chuck babble daily about liberals while they try to buy cigs at Sav-a-lot with their Obama cheese.

Missouri dipshits will vote for Trump, Blunt and that midget GI Joe money shyster, Eric Greitens. Dumb fucks vote against their own good.

Anonymous said...

5:42 But you're types will vote for a women who praises the KKK, protects 40 year old men who rape 12 year old girls, who is married to a serial rapist, who gets our men killed and blames a video, then says what difference does it make, who praises cop killers and illiterate welfare scum who kill police officers, then burn down cities puts innocent business owners out of business, and you call us dumb fucks LMAO

Yea lets all vote for Hillary, we can shit our pants and bobble our heads just like she does.

Oh and hey that GI Joe put his life on the line to protect scum like you imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:42, Thank you for the good laugh, GI Joe money shyster, so true.