Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Millennial Vote Powers Meteoric Rise Of U.S. Senate Contender Jason Kander?!?!

An extensive and thoughtful read on the political life of the Missouri SecState and his hope for the future. However, most candidates counting on the youth vote have been disappointed. Here's an important passage about change:

"If he were to beat Blunt, Kander would be the first person who was born after 1980 to serve in the U.S. Senate. He sees a benefit to have the millennial generation play a major role in public policy.

“This is a generation that is much more focused on ideas rather than on ideology,” Kander said. “You don’t have to be a certain age to take that approach. But … at least from a philosophical perspective, I suppose it is a generational approach that says ‘What’s happening in Washington right now is not working.’”

Heartland Democrat: Kander hopes to keep proving his doubters wrong in race against Blunt


Anonymous said...


Democrat Jason Kander, his lobbyist-wife Diana, and campaign manager Abe Rakov have signed tentative contracts to appear in the Branson, Missouri comedy show of performer Yakov Smirnoff. Following his campaign defeat on November 8, the trio will take a week off before reporting to their new Branson theater home.

"The Order of the Red Star" is scheduled to run throughout 2017 in Branson.

Jason Kander will be playing the role of an inept, bumbling Russian soldier who practices assembling his Kalashnikov rifle while blindfolded. He single-handedly takes out his whole unit.

Diana Kander is the disgruntled Jewish lawyer turned entrepreneur who writes a book explaining how to make vodka from potato peelings, and winds up on the Pravda best-seller's list.

Abe Rakov plays the Solzhenitsyn-reading Jewish Social Justice Warrior who gets shipped off to a Siberian gulag to manufacture ice cubes.

Anonymous said...

Blunt by 7.

Anonymous said...

Pander to Kander and reap the rewards of a Progressive, Obama Care government where everything is free and we can all learn to play guitar with Nancy Pelosi!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 9:04!

Anonymous said...

Kander by 3.

Anonymous said...

I git a thousand bucks that says if Kander gets elected he will be mirroring Blunt's shenanigans and pandering for reelection for as long as he can stay in office. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Two liberals for Missouri? That should be fun!

Anonymous said...

If he wins, his D.C. house better not cost more than a million, and none of his family can be lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

Bad news for Kander (and Hillary):
Millenials march around and protest;
They take selfies and inundate SnapChat;
They're all entrepreneurs and techies who put on dynamite TedTalks;
They tweet up a storm almost as much as The Donald;
But they aren't going to bother to show up at the voting polls.
So, if you could like vote online Kanderillary might get a boost from millenials.
But masquerading as a combat veteran and assembling M-16s isn't likely to get that crowd off their butts.
Hope you have a Plan B.