Monday, October 03, 2016

Kim K. And The Kansas City Link Pool

Had to run a few errands today but it seems that MSM is doing a great job reporting on what really matters:

New York Times: Kim Kardashian Is Tied Up in $9 Million Jewelry Heist, French Officials Say

Meanwhile, here are more than a few local links covering some of the top stories today. Take a look:

Kansas City Crash Scene
Police on scene of collision at 47th & Blue Ridge Blvd
Meth Town Screen Capture
Picture from armed robbery at Noland Road Quik Trip
Lawsuit Filed Today By Neighbors
Residents in Shawnee neighborhood fed up with smell from Deffenbaugh landfill
Show-Me Hotel Funding Checking Out
Kansas City's Convention Hotel's Collapsing Foundation
Dead Tree Media Accolades
Kansas City Star wins Gold Cup in Missouri Press Association awards
Campaign Complaint Resolved
Citizens for Responsible Government fined for ethics violation
Ruining A Kansas City Icon
Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art Seeks Kansas City's Approval To Expand Campus Footprint

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

if it smells that bad at the land fill just think how bad it smells in their houses. maybe they to pass an purfume ordiance.

Anonymous said...

KK is trying to scam the insurance company.

Anonymous said...

RE: Kansas City's Convention Hotel's Collapsing Foundation

Patrick Tuohey waxes BRILLIANT by clearly stating the facts, and rhetorically asking why Schulte and Burke insist on being major participants in the obfuscation that is the convention center hotel negotiations.

Anonymous said...

RE: Ethics complaint by Glorioso.

Glorioso has a long record of being involved in questionable campaign activity. Ask him about his accusations against Bob Dole or his role in the Brice Harris campaign. Teresa Loar took the fall for that one. During the Carter Administration he used a Federal Office for doing political work in violation of the Hatch Act. He invented ethical violations. He is one of the main players to have polluted KC politics.