Friday, October 07, 2016

Kansas City Urban Core Gas Leak Reality Check: Nothing Fixed After Controversy

A valiant effort in community cleanup results in absolutely nothing according to this report: Inner City Oil gas leak: 'There's no guarantee that it's going to be cleaned and redeveloped at all'


Anonymous said...

Duh! In this City and State, if you're black accountability is not a real thing. People are free to abuse black people and most times with other black people jeering in support of it. People see what's going on and do nothing about it. Its true is almost every facet of life: discrimination in jobs, politics, policing, education, access, health, services offered by others, housing, development and environmental hazards. Far too often, blacks are killed without recourse or retribution in all kinds of ways, not just urban gunfire.

Anonymous said...


Look the reason there is NO Money and nothings goin to get fixed is because its ALL tied up in MAYOR SLY JAMES EMPTY TOY Train Street Car !!!

That and that 18th Vine Nearly empty Jazz District they keep wantin to pump multi millions of dollars into so those can enjoy Gun Fire - shootings, rolling gun battles, robbery, murders,,,,

ain't got NO time to worry about no stinkin' smelly ass gas station man,, in the hood

Wanna fix it - just light a match and poof , it'll be fixed ,,

Reported by the famous Gimme Walker, let De' Good times Woll !!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Inner City Oil a brainchild of Hugo Chavez and Venezuela to sell gas cheap to the urban core in the name of socialism/good press?

Citgo was their commercial white bread arm and Inner City Oil was the discount fuel.