Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Looks like another war of words betwixt Kansas City's longtime light rail advocate Clay Chastain and the newspaper everybody pretends to read . . .

Earlier today, the newspaper offered an "As I See It" aimed at Mr. Chastain and his plan . . . A few moments ago, they published another editorial calling on the activist to leave them alone.

Here's his response:

The people deserve to witness a debate between Clay Chastain and opponent Matt Kauffman, author of Star's As I See It

The people of Kansas City deserve to observe a debate over Light Rail Ballot Question #3 between proponent Clay Chastain and opponent Matt Kauffman, whose "As I See It" piece ran in today's Star.

Matt Kauffman, practicing architect and Chairman of the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance (KCRTA), sounded more like a practicing idiot in his ignorant scathing indictment of the light rail ballot initiative.

Now is Mr. Kauffman man enough to debate me face to face on KCPT public television, or is he just another establishment player who is afraid to step in the ring with Clay Chastain?

Typically, his ilk like to hide out in their ivory towers and drop bombs on others who oppose their vision. They are afraid of any hand to hand combat in front of the public.

Mr Kauffman, step out onto the street from your elitist enclave and debate me over this most important civic issue. Then, we will let the people decide who's vision for public transportation improvements is a... "fantasy."

Clay Chastain, Degree electrical engineer and leader of the people's Light Rail Ballot Question #3.


Anonymous said...

civil debate a great idea. could educate folks, including me.

but shouting or interrupting.

Richard Charles Tolbert said...

A debate would be the fair thing for the STAR to do.

Anonymous said...

The KCMO version of the Lincoln Douglas debates.
What passes for leadership in this cow town never ceases to amaze.
Why not throw in Gwen Grant and Glorioso and have a tag team?

irishguy said...

A debate would be a great idea. If only Chastain had any inkling of knowledge about what he was talking about, and if anyone cared to hear it.

Anonymous said...

How about a debate between Chastain and Yael?? Oh wait....