Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Kansas City Public Library: Not Just 4 Hobos!

Amid a national controversy about a silly slap fight over mostly meaningless Middle-East chatter that was mostly blamed on police because off-duty officers didn't follow Crosby Kemper III's instructions perfectly . . . Here's the brighter side of the institution that's too dangerous to leave children alone unattended.

The Kansas City Public Library helped a guy with a great job and advanced degree build his app!!!

It's a great story and should be encouraging to readers who now must feel guilty about stereotyping all of the future Internets millionaires looking at pr0n on the public computers.

You decide . . .


Crosby Kemper said...

Hey Tony a librarian and a man asking a question about the meaningless chatter went to jail that night, the librarian was injured by a policeman kicking him from behind and throwing him into a pillar. They are both under indictment for their involvement in the meaningless chatter. Not so silly to us.
Thanks for the
plug for what we do when we're not bailing out librarians.
Best, Crosby

Anonymous said...

I hope they take a break from building fucking libraries and fix the shitters in KC. Not that I would want to fuck up the well thought out priorities or anything.....

Tom said...

Crosby -

What are you doing to support the victims of the power abuse event sponsored by the library?