Saturday, October 15, 2016


TKC commenters noted this one FIRST and now it's the mainstream media rage for the evening . . .

Take a look:

KCUR: Saturday Night Shooting At The Plaza Leaves 2 In Hospital

Fox4KC: Police respond to double shooting on Country Club Plaza

KCTV5: Witnesses say that a fight started at a nearby candy store. The fight then went out into the street and someone started shooting.

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Anonymous said...

Best case scenario.

They tear down the plaza and make it a business park.

It's done.

Anonymous said...

Plaza = Over

Anonymous said...

47th & Broadway. Right in the heart of the Plaza. The police described it as "minor" but I bed the people who got shot wouldn't describe it that way.

Adrian said...

Police helicopter out still tonight. I best some of those 24 million tourists might be scared.

Anonymous said...

'bout time, I saw this on three hours ago.

At least there I knew it was true.

BlondieKC said...

^^^ Nobody cares what you think. You're just a loser, like me, who admits to being on the Internet all Saturday night. You lose at life. You read TKC close to midnight. I'm sorry your family doesn't love you. Maybe you can work on being a better person. I guess we all have work to do on that front. That should be the focus of the citizen task force against violence, making better people in Kansas City that shoot each other less!

So, in conclusion. I'm sorry about your loneliness 11:41. But don't go on TKC on a Saturday night looking for friends.

Anonymous said...

Do no report the shooting like it's sports. These are real people who are getting hurt by Kansas City violence. Shame on those who would capitalize on this kind of tragedy.

Anonymous said...

94 murders so far and it's only October 15th.

KC = Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Vote Trump.

Anonymous said...

The Plaza is dead. It's been dead for a long time but people deluded themselves into thinking it can come back. Or worst that it was just media sensationalizing for clicks. I haven't been to the Plaza since 2009. And now have no desire to . Why go to a place that you s no different then your local mall with many of the same retail and eating establishments? Why go to a place that doesn't have good access to the highway? Why go to a place that isn't safe at night? And worst yet the owners of the place doesn't care for your safety. The Plaza is dead. All this did was confirm it.

Anonymous said...

As seen on teevee newz-that Cincinnati visitor stated to the newsie she heard 3 shots fired. After being asked had she ever heard live gunshots before, she said only on t.v.

Welcome to the Country Club Aleppo!

Anonymous said...

A fight in a candy store? Really? Why can't people in Kansas City act right when they're out.

Anonymous said...

Zona Rosa is now the new Plaza. Same shops, better restaurants, good architecture and with the Crowns a nice Christmas tradition. Plus few urban youths running amuck.

Anonymous said...

What examples have black citizens collectively set for their children and for the rest of us in the ways that they keep their streets clean of litter and their neighborhoods free of graffiti? Have houses been fixed up and repainted with pride while teens volunteer to do some neighborly yard work? Do Dads find extra time after coming home from work and helping with their children's schoolwork? Have lunches been packed and breakfast planned so the school isn't expected to cover it? Are people safe to leave their doors unlocked and are law breakers routinely put in place by the local ever vigilant neighborhood watch?

Of course not. I could have stopped much sooner but I can go on and on in terms of our differences and continue to illustrate, through black people's collective behavior, why they always fail and no one wants to live anywhere near them.

The above list is ridiculous, of course we know blacks are pretty much the opposite of all those "white" behaviors and values and they bring predictable chaos and degeneracy with them like Pigpen his dirt cloud. I wonder if Franklin was adopted by white parents.

These exercises are akin to a fat person deciding one day to lose all the weight so they go on ONE long jog and then returning right back to their former sedentary lifestyle. Acting white and having nice white things and opportunities requires EFFORT. Most jobs are paid because most people would not do it for free. Anything of value, whether for your employers or for yourself takes these elements. Blacks cannot be inspired or shamed or even directed to be productive just for the sake of being productive. They don't take hikes to the tops of mountains to see the view and appreciate the bigger picture.

They are not like us.

Please reblog my comment instead of deleting it again. It's the best one.

Anonymous said...

Hey BlondieKC, sorry about your issues. Killing yourself will solve them.

Try it.

Anonymous said...

Suspects include Nigg Grr and his pal Jig A. Boo.

Crazy Clown said...

Gotta Love it,,,,,

KCMO Mayor - Degenerate "Communist" Liberal SLY James already,, Blaming it on, Gun Violence !!!!!!

Yet "NO" word from this Degenerate Mayor ever on "THUG Violence",,,

Mayor Sly James is such a Backwards Ass Degenerate Ba'Foon ,,, its pathetic & Disgusting !!!

FACTOID : This type of problems never happened before on the Country Club Plaza, until this Degenerate Mayor SLY JAMES, became the Supposed Mayor,,,,

The Plaza has NEVER seen this type of Violence like we've seen thru the last few years, until, Communist SLY JAMES became Mayor = FACT !!

Then throw in that Degenerate Communist Liberal, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, and her SOFT ON CRIME Agenda, to plea Bargin these Violent Thugs to lesser charges and CHURN them right back out on to the STREETS into YOUR Community and Neighborhoods, all the While she loves to Grand Stand for every PHOTO OP' opportunity she can !!

Also, NOTICE - All those ANTI-VIOLENCE Groups that Mayor SLY JAMES Funded a year ago with TAX PAYERS Money ( $500,000) really seems to be working huh ????????????

That seriously needs to be investigated & Exposed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the Way, because of the shooting down there , we seen at least 132 MILLION Tourists scrambling in groves to get out of Kansas City, Missouri

Yup', 132 Million Tourists this Saturday nite ,,,,, if you go by the ILLUSIONARY Fantasy figures that Sly James Hair Brained Cronies down at city hall provide the local media with,,,,

of course the Ba' Foons down at KCMO City Hall can't actually count, and when they attempt to actually count,,,, they count every person as 100 individuals,,,, 50 times over to push their Phony Agenda for whatever !!!

Anonymous said...

Stuff like this happens because blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. Evolution made them so. Nature is 'racist' because it created racial differences.

If Alt Right really wants to make revolutionary change, white males must swallow their white male pride and admit that they are no match to Negroes physically. Besides, the cat is already out of the bag. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS already. I mean boys and girls can see it in sports, streets, malls, and schools. So many white kids get beat up by blacks.

Maybe white males are afraid to admit that blacks have a physical advantage over them because it might turn white girls onto Jungle Fever for the tougher Negroes, BUT all white girls already know that blacks are tougher and rougher. They see rap, sports, and violence all over. So, it is an OPEN SECRET.

Alt Right needs to point to this fact because it is the BEST JUSTIFICATION for racial separation. If you say 'whites are smarter than blacks', it doesn't indicate that blacks are a threat to whites. It just turns blacks into objects of pity and sympathy who should be taken care of.

Only by pointing out that blacks are stronger and more aggressive will the Alt Right make an effective case that Racial Separation is the only moral course of action since whites deserve SAFE SPACE from black thuggery and savagery.

Alt Right needs to champion the notion of Racial Rights, i.e. every race has a right to live in safety, security, and pride. For whites to be safe from black thuggery, they must EXCLUDE blacks and have a world of their own. If whites INCLUDE blacks, it leads to black violence against whites, black bullying of whites, and black males whupping white males and destroying white male pride and taking white women who lose respect for wussified white boys. White boys will be excluded from sports because athletically superior blacks will dominate, and increasing numbers of white wombs will exclude white seed in favor of black seed as white males will be reduced to cucked-out white boys.

Only when Alt Right openly discusses physical differences among whites and blacks--and point out that blacks constitute an existential threat to the white race--will there be a truly profound change in the political and social discourse. It will be the biggest game-changer in the future of the West.

Also, it will change the dynamics of victimology. Whites will be characterized as the biological victims and biological slaves of stronger and more aggressive blacks who evolved to be master-warrior thugs in hot, dark, and dangerous Africa where only the stronger and fastest survived among lions, hyenas, elephants, and killer mosquitoes.

As the natural victims of black thugs, whites will gain the moral high ground.

Kansan said...

Boycott unsafe, badly policed venues such as the Plaza. It is the only thing the elites understand.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Anon 12:36

Africans are just as small as Europeans. The reason that African Americans are bigger than whites is because whites, by definition, are inbred, whereas all African Americans are biracial. You want to pretend that they belong to one race, when in reality they belong to two races.

Why was Mark Funkhouser the tallest white man you ever saw? Because he wasn't all white. We are part Shawnee.

Eventually, all Americans will be multi-racial & therefore the biggest people on the planet.

Viva La Raza!

Anonymous said...

Shop till you drop.
Dead from a bullet.

Would never step foot on the Plaza.

Anonymous said...

African Americans are biracial due to rape and too much alcohol.
Plus some species will fuck anything.
They're like Neanderthals if they can't eat it or fuck it it's probably no good to them.

Anonymous said...

3:51 AM: In this era of cheap genetic analysis, quite a few of us actually have learned for a fact that we have Neanderthal genes. As a proven Neanderthal myself, I deeply resent your suggestion that I am a goddam savage. The human race was created when we interbred with more primitive early humans arriving in Europe from Africa and the Middle East.

Without us, you would still be scratching your asses while swinging from branches.

Anonymous said...

'I deeply resent your suggestion that I am a goddam savage'

I don't know who you are snowflake. Quit getting your panties all ruffled over a comment. Grow up and get over it. Try to grow a pair, Leave your safe space once in a while the snowflake generation.

chuck said...

Double, double toil and trouble, now the Plaza is on the bubble.

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes. [Shooting]
Now across this Plaza stage,
wringing hands and faux outrage.
How now, you secret, black, and midnight thugs!
What is't you do?

It's politics we brew, Protected Orcs, this our crew.
And to what ends doth this you hope to reap?
We are here to murder, more than just your sleep.
Methinks you are a general offense and every man should beat thee.
The truth of this is laid so low, for demographics will defeat thee.
Rise! Rise all and shake, shake these veils from your eyes!
You've slept too long, no longer strong, no longer wise.
Rise! Rise all and shake, shake these veils from your eyes!
Your done, your through, your shot completely through, with LIES.

Out fuckin out, brief candle.

Anonymous said...

The pathetic thing is Sly won't do anything fucking think about this. The Plaza merchants should be raising holy hell about this and force him into action. Seriously, the Plaza has to be saved. We can joke about it becoming Bannister Mall but that cannot be allowed to happen. I don't know how Sly can't see this. Sorry but Troost has to become the DMZ. The police have to be allowed to put a stop to this by whatever means necessary. Amazing enough, when I was 16 or 17 on occasion my friends and I would go there back in the late 80's and we never shot anyone. Isn't that incredible we had that much self-control in high school? Of course we were actually still in high school on our way to graduating nor did we have guns but there lies the difference between black and white people, among the many. Why do we take so much shit from the worthless, unemployed, uneducated, violent 12% of our population? What is so good about them that we have to handle them with kids gloves? It's beyond time to stop being of Al and Jesse, and to stop being afraid of being afraid of being labeled as racist simply because we demand the black race to behave civilly and follow laws. Nobody on Earth acts the way they do, there is no reason to put up with it. Are we afraid they'll take all that economic power they have somewhere else? There is zero reason to take their shit. They have proven over and over what a colossal failure their entire race is. They would die without the social safety nets society has provided them. It's time for those nets to go away. Fuck them. Look at the appreciation they show for what they are given. Hell, they even cause problems at the Nelson too. There has to be a thousand cameras there so there better be no bullshit reason they aren't caught. It's time some serious power-players were in Sly's office giving him serious shit and he needs to allow the police to bring the hammer down because the Plaza has to be saved. If Forte gets in the way then fire his ass too. This is too important.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine anyone is truly shocked or surprised by this. Like so many other places in the metro, the Plaza was doomed to ruin when it became the new gathering place of the plague whose name we dare not speak for fear of being politically incorrect.

Bob said...

2:22, surely you don't actually believe that nonsense. I strongly doubt that there is a scientific basis for any of it.

Anonymous said...

We should have picked our own cotton!!!

Anonymous said...

Blacks will drink gin and fuck a squirrel if it will stand for it.

Anonymous said...

The Ebonic Plague

Anonymous said...

How many Nigs would you nig if you could nig Nigs? How many Nigs would you nig if you could nig Nigs?

Blowhole Botello aka Blondie KC said...

After reading the comment of "Blondie KC" I call bullshit. That was the blowhole himself. TONY BOTELLO.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! Poor little furry bastards; glad they can scamper up trees!

Anonymous said...

But dare not call them niggers. They might be offended...

Anonymous said...

Only when we can define the true problem, the Progressive Agenda, can we begin to fix these issues. I don't see that happening anytime soon. KC has been on the Prog bandwagon for far too long to turn around soon; and that that sucks. The thing is, what runs the progressive agenda, it's crystal clear what it is, but what runs it? Some sort of undefinable collective of generally left-wing liberals? Is there some grand poo-bah issuing secretive directives to the elites who then filter them down through the sheeple followers?

I'm glad I'm basically in the boonies, though several of the (slum) landlords in my town have converted their properties into Section 8; huzzah. Time to move a little further out and hope to expire in peace.