Sunday, October 09, 2016


The crackdown continues with this somewhat local arrest and ongoing fear of these jesters. Take a look: Man arrested after wearing clown mask at Liberty Price Chopper


Anonymous said...

There is a Halloween pop up store in this same strip mall, very likely where this guy bought his mask, then walked 100 feet to Price Chopper.

Violating the cardinal rule for people with outstanding warrants, he managed to draw attention to himself. Duh.

That said, with all our crime issues, why the obsession with scary clowns? Just about nothing has happened out of the ordinary, yet. Probably the worst is yet to come, if one of these dimwits get themselves shot.

Anonymous said...

Damn they must have missed, "Offending Drama Queen Libtards While Wearing a Clown Mask", when they were writing up the Patriot Act. Next thing they will arrest the Donald for threatening to grab pussy which is a threat to national security. In the mean time Hilliary can not get arrested no matter how hard she tries.

Super Dave said...

Never knew that wearing a clown mask was against any laws. Funny certain women from certain countries get to cover their faces in public.

Anonymous said...

I have a solution. Ignore the clowns and stop getting YOUR panties in a bunch. If they do something threatening you know what to do. Otherwise quit looking for shit that just isn't there. Jesus fuck! How hard is it to lead half the country around by the nose anyway.