Sunday, October 09, 2016

Clay County Political Hot Mess Over Horse Barn Holds 'Moral Hazard' Teaching Moment For Future Kansas City Development

We wanted to skip this one because former the antics of the Kansas City area Northland middle-class and their political posturing aren't that interesting . . . BUT more than a few of you have sent this link our way, we're inspired by an old school image of Candice Swanepeol playing the part of bikini hottie equestrian and it's a nice round-up of a development and entertainment hot mess amid a booming local population center.

Here's the trend across the bridge but still concerning Kansas City . . . The tourist schemes of the suburbanite middle-class aren't any better than their urban core political counterparts.

Take a look at an exceptional column putting all this into perspective:

Northland News - Musings: On the Moral Hazard of Government Funded Entertainment


"A perfect example of why government should not be in the business of developing assets or attempting to market said developed assets. It always creates a moral hazard.

"For those that don’t know, a moral hazard is an economics term. A moral hazard occurs when one interest group feels the need to take a risk when someone else bears the cost of the risk.

"In this situation, the risk was a construction of a new horse barn, errr….. “Multi-Purpose Building” at Smithville Lake that cost somewhere around $80,000. And an additional marketing risk of something around $20,000 for the Best of America by Horseback TV show to appear in the County."

You decide . . . 


Anonymous said...

Good editorial. I sorta figured that Luann Ridgeway would be in the middle of this problem.

Anonymous said...

I was going to talk about moral hazard in neoliberal economics but when you mention Luann Ridgeway, I can't beat that one!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention how Ridgeway and Owen are using tax dollars to get reelected.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Clay County will get national attention from a horse-themed TV show. Certainly there will be publicity in greater KC Metro. If majority of Clay Commission has voted to allocate funds for a project, then the elected officials have made a decision. Mr. Nolte continues to disrupt Commission meetings, as he has for many months, to put the other Commission members in a bad light to hurt their re-elections this year.
Jerry Nolte should consider that his future plans to be a State Senator will not be helped by his continual trouble-making. Among country folk there is an expression that “the man who stirs up cow manure is likely to get some stink on his boots.”

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nicole ^^^^^


Anonymous said...

^^Looks like one of Ridgeway's minions is trying to do a poor job of spinning this.

Anonymous said...


Candice rides her horse like she rides her men, bareback and unbridled!!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary on an issue that really matters. Kudos to Andrew Palmer of the Northland News for questioning the proper role of government. All Northland antics aside, it is a serious concern when tax dollars are being so blatantly wasted and misappropriated for personal gain. The political stage of Clay County may be small, but the questions being raised are significant