Monday, October 24, 2016

Check The Latest KCPS Repurposing Effort

A massive exodus of students over the years has left a great many Kansas City Public Schools empty and neighborhoods struggling to find a use for the buildings. Here's two more to add to the list that only includes speculative success as condos and office space. Checkit: KCPS has plans for former Ladd and Marlborough Elementary schools


Anonymous said...

All these"proposals" are based on tax credits and massive public subsidy and none of the uses put forward are at all financially sustainable.
So they go from being vacant buildings to buildings that are financially empty and become sucking financial chest wounds for the city.
There are many reasons these buildings are vacant and also reasons that they've been vandalized from almost the moment they were closed.
And those reasons have actually gotten worse.
So the school district unloads them on the city and the same taxpayers carry the load.
Progress KCMO style.

Hyperblogal said...

They need to concentrate on repurposing students. How could any district be considered successful in any way if it's unaccredited?