Friday, October 07, 2016


Angry local dude shares his frustration with TV news regarding controversial rhetoric in one of many nasty letters that'll be floating around this silly season. What's more interesting is that the registration drive seemingly wanted to register dead people and babies according to this report. Read more: 'Insulting' voter registration letter leads to hundreds of angry phone calls in Jackson County


Anonymous said...

Fuck the terrorist/Fascist/State/Sponsored BLM.


Crazy Clown said...

Demand Action ????

Ya I demand Action against ALL these Black Punk Thugs and their Drive by shootings and Car Jackings and armed robberies.

Demand Action of all of those scumbag bastards who go around doing these Drive by shootings killing / Murdering innocent little kids and ol' ladys and others !

Demand Action they want ?????

Soon enough it's going to go way beyond Demanding action, as many will start taking action against those "BLM Communist Terrorist Bastards" and Communist SJW' Fucks !!!!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

I support Black Lives Matter!

I support any effort by the African Americans to empower themselves against the never-ending onslaught of racial hatred that they must endure everyday.

Similarly, I say Viva La Raza!

It's way past time that middle class white men got it through their thick skulls that this isn't their country to the exclusion of everyone else.

You are all, only one of many that will be equal, especially if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

^^We must NEVER cut funding for Mental Health Research^^

It is in ALL our best interest to see that those who need help ,get help.

Anonymous said...

Blacks abort over a third of their pregnancies, basically committing genocide on their own people and shoot each other routinely.

Black Lives Don't Matter To Them.

Anonymous said...

Bilerun "Tony Buttholio" Funkenshyster is a fucking moron.

Anonymous said...

Please don't discourage them from doing either; the fewer there are, the better.

Toni Bones said...

No lives matter.