Thursday, September 22, 2016

TKC Reader Contrasts Kansas City Neighborhood Squalor With InterContinental Hotel 'Blight' & Proposed Tax Break

An important perspective from a denizen of our blog community given the upcoming decision for local elected leaders . . .

Vote NO On InterContinental Money Grab

Dear Council Members,

It saddens me to know that this Council will pass the ordinance to create a CID for a wealthy corporation.

Fixing their structure is part of doing business. If it is so bad that it is blighted then why hasn't our building codes been involved long before this day?

Yesterday afternoon I was at a neighborhood sub-committee meeting regarding the real blight, abandoned houses, absentee landlords, etc, etc, etc.. You know, the stuff that you don't give a damn about.
DART, city codes, KCPD, Jeff Williams from Legal AID, Dan Tarwater and Alfred Jordan from the County plus residents trying to live in that Marlborough neighborhood AGAIN discussed hardcore drug activity, shooting and squatters. Apparently there isn't enough money to help my neighbors. And here in Waldo crime is off the charts for us.

But no, go ahead. Bestow all that money on a Plaza hotel. And you know what? When Crown Center, the Hyatt, the various other hotels slip you a proposal just say yes. We can afford it.


Anonymous said...

Same ol' Kansas City shit. The peckerwoods will sit on their asses and watch this happen like it has no effect on them whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Go ahead! We CAN afford it.

Now if you want to support a real solution to the problems in Waldo and Marlborough, which we all of course know is the lowly negro, then we can talk.

I'm sorry you live in such a shitty neighborhood but you never should have let negroes move in. You made your bed, enjoy sleeping in it. Don't punish the rest of the city for your poor libtard choices.

Tuleride said...

Bet you live in a 50's ranch. One that has scuffed linoleum and cracked grout on the bathroom walls.
You should fix the crumbled concrete step in the front. Looks tacky and it presents a hazard.

Most times I would never dream to point out a person's deficiencies. You and your tiny brain scream for critiques.

Sad, little person. 4:51. Anonymous poster, anonymous in life.


Anonymous said...

WTF does a sales tax have to do with fucking anything this stupid bitch wrote about. Raggedy whore!

Anonymous said...

Hey, public money is good enough for the Marriott, should be good enough for all of us. Gravy train this way!

Anonymous said...

Good Piece thanks

Anonymous said...

Did ya get a butthurt 7:54?
You asshole, you can't understand finance issues because you're a dirtbag.

The Plaza hotel owners should sell. They ran it into the ground. Soon it will have tweakers like asshole hanging out selling meth. They screw up everything.

Anonymous said...

The peckerwoods are behind this scheme in the first place. What are you talking about? Of course, they'll let this slide. Duh!!!