Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Kansas City Link Look Tonight

Quick peek at some of the top links we're checking for tonight . . .

Silicon Prairie Good Times Today
Innovators share, show off ideas at KC's Tech Week
No Luck For Shameless Legal Move
She's a Pistol defendants did not act in self-defense, judge rules
ObamaCare Working In Flyover Country???
Uninsured Rates Fall In Kansas And Missouri
Golden Ghetto Stinking Books
Popular library open again in Johnson County after sewer line repair
A Moment Of Fanboy Contemplation
Will the real Kansas City Chiefs please stand up?
Yael After TKC
Mayor Sly James' 'double down on stupid' tweet angers Missouri's gun lovers
Real Estate History Moment
A Kansas City Public Library exhibit contemplates the 'urban renewal' that set back the city
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Anonymous said...

"She's a Pistol defendants did not act in self-defense, judge rules"

Like that decision required a legal scholar, eh?

Anonymous said...

It is quite obvious the mayor has never heard of the three national and local record systems FBI NICS uses to run backgrounds on every person legally purchasing weapons from a gun dealer in Missouri. Responsible gun owners already know the ever changing firearms laws in Missouri. It would be nice if the dumb fucking mayor could lay out exactly what training should be required, as if legal gun owners just strap them on without taking any responsible actions whatsoever. That goon lip has spent too many years in the scum bag, dangerous DNA culture to even grasp what accountable, responsible, law abiding gun owners are.

Kansas has had carry without permit for some time. What changed? Scum bag felons and street punks still get no paperwork guns and law abiding citizens follow the law. Every now and then they actually wax a few hoodlums without clogging up the criminal justice system.

What a shame if Missourians were empowered to protect their own life and property from the thugs from KC that run undeterred over two states - all because we have impotent, balless local leaders who would rather play politics and the blame game than do anything effective.

Anonymous said...

Sly's empty and obvious pandering just makes it that much more likely that Nixons's veto will be overridden.
And given KCMO's abysmal homicide rate this year, you'd think the mayor would have more serious recommendations to actually reduce crime.
By the way, where's the Justus Crime Task Force in all this?
Dog and pony shows over and over again.

Anonymous said...

If you want the crime to lessen, then lessen the racial hatred, & not just verbally, but culturally.

Crime is a product of racial hatred & injustice.

Don't ask why the young black man so angry, ask why shouldn't he be. You would be if you were treated like he is treated.

Anonymous said...

gun lovers?

I thought they were advocating the formation of a well regulated militia.

Anonymous said...

I see Sly, I see Frank. What the hell is John Denver doing in that photo? And in a dress, no less.