Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Sophie And The Kansas City Midweek

Late start but pr0n babe Sophie Dee and her body of work inspire us to continue our bloggy adventures . . . Here's the links we're checking right now.

Take a look:

Slightly Better Than Coffee Can
KC Business Journal on Twitter
Kangaroo Ask Finally Reported As Tax
UMKC's stealthy $7 million bid for Kansas City tax dollars
Another Ask For Kansas City Justice
Kansas City homicide victim's family says second degree murder charge doesn't fit suspect's crime
Community Reax To Killing
Neighbors devastated after apparent murder-suicide in KCK
Roundup Of Last Night's Game
Royals rally for 7 runs in 9th, beat Minnesota
And this is the OPEN THREAD for the morning . . .


Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, why no story on the channel 5 piece about terrible response time to a local shooting. 10 minutes it took the police to get there. Any other city in the metro would have been there in 1-2 minutes.

Anonymous said...

@ their website is garbage. Don't link them.