Friday, September 02, 2016

Show-Me Missouri Execution Witness Lawsuit

State sanctioned killing hits another roadblock. Money line from this exceptional Pitch post: "Execution witnesses are an important check to ensure the department does not abuse its power," said Tony Rothert, legal director for ACLU of Missouri, said in a statement. "That check does not work when the Department can choose to exclude anyone critical of its behavior." ACLU sues Missouri over selection of execution witnesses


Anonymous said...

The ACLU is on crack! I promise you not a single convicted murder would be any less dead after execution even if Jesus Christ was a witness. This shit needs to be stopped before these libtard dip shits ad another $50,000 to the cost of state executions. The ACLU needs to stop being fucking drama queens and actually weigh the value of changing all this shit they go after.

Bob said...

The ACLU has complete its transition from a champion of civil rights for all to a left wing legal bully.