Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kansas City Faith Blogging American Muslim Concerns Amid Divisive Election Season

Longtime local newsman Bill Tammeus considers controversy surrounding this community caught in the midst of debate more contentious than the ongoing struggle to kick all the Latinos out of the country . . . Given that people actually object to anti-Muslim hateration. On the bright side, their tacos are horrible . . . The struggle of today's American Muslims: 9-28-16


Anonymous said...

Sharia law & the constitution are incompatible and never will be.

Moron Patrol said...

Islam is an ideology. And like any ideology, it must be held to intellectual scrutiny.

Given this ideology's doctrines on women, homosexuals, apostates, democratic law, and even those who scrutinize Islam, it can be rightfully argued that Islam is antithetical to Western society.

In Islam, free speech is not allowed. Art is an abomination. Women are worth half of a man. Homosexuals may be killed. Apostates likewise killed. As with those who "blaspheme" the "religion of peace."

All in the name of a "god" who apparently can only speak Arabic.

As Sam Harris said: Islam is the mother-load of bad ideas.

So...Care for a Skittle?

Anonymous said...

Islam is a theocracy, people need to learn about it and wake up before it's too late. Sharia Law is an ugly thing and people need to be scared.

There are NO MODERATE muslims!!!!!

Remember what Obama said..QUOTE: If the winds should change in an ugly direction I will stand with the muslims.

Anonymous said...

If I was them I'd get enough of America and get my ass back to the middle east where everything is just perfect.