Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Kansas City 18th & Vine Spending Spree!!!

In further cash giveaway news . . . The City Council's Finance and Governance Committee voted 4-0 on Wednesday to recommend buying the properties from the Jazz District Redevelopment Corp. and a related entity as part of a $7 million first phase of new municipal investment in the district . . . Forgiving a nearly $700,000 loan balance as part of its purchase of nearly $1.2 million. Read more: Eric Carter on Twitter


Anonymous said...

These properties will generate zero dollars.....for anybody. (Only the entity that just sold it!)

A year from now, these will be empty buildings, almost completely covered in graffiti. People 'in charge' there will be whining for more $$ to just keep the utilities turned on.

I'd bet TKC's farm on this.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins... Irritate the hell out of them, but make them do right

Don't be afraid of progress. All the way, not half- assed just enough for the cameras
Is it for the people? Or about the people in charge?
Keep your silence and put in nobody will give a fuck
Pick a cause. Solve a problem. Be a part of it.
Just make it all nice and comfortable for white people. Last point,we had a great history and you let greed win

We'll tell you how your history goes, says the winner... It will be as it was in their face and they didn't see it coming
That's the Order of things to come.

Anonymous said...

What a taxpayer rip off.

Anonymous said...

Laughing at everyone's face. We got the cash, fuck you. Watch us spend....

Anonymous said...

wow, 2 million dollars for a "shoestore"? people should be locked up.