Monday, September 12, 2016

GOP Prepares To Smack Down Gov. Jay And Missouri Democrats Amid The Veto Session

Starting today, Missouri Republicans will answer questions about their legislative unity and their priorities while facing important challenges on gun control, healthcare and labor. Take a look: Republicans confident about overriding Nixon vetoes


Anonymous said...

He needs a smack down

Anonymous said...

It is concerning that the only people Sly and Peterless want to see carrying concealed weapons are the street thugs that have done nothing to deter. In that spirit they lobby Jeff City somehow thinking stopping carry by law abiding citizens will have any effect on felonious thugs that roam the streets in the very city SLY can't seem to control at all. This seems to be the libtard pattern. When you are doing little to solve the real problems throw up a snow job and make the citizens foot the bill.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

This how democrats view a problem:

Your roof is leaking. So instead of having the leak fixed, they call in a demolition company to bulldoze the house then build you a new house that is designed the way they want it, not you. But somehow the roof leaks on the new house because they don't care about the leak, they just needed an excuse to change things to the way they always wanted it
I'm speaking of the constitution