Thursday, September 01, 2016

Genevieve And The Kansas City Biz Link Pool

Genevieve Morton hotness inspires this link blast for the afternoon given her extraordinary hotness as this collection mostly focuses on local biz stuff that's important but hard to categorize and might not elicit an epic reaction like the time this hottie suggested she wanted to eat a hamburger off another model's chest. Take a look:

Take a look:

18th & Vine Big Money: KC is ready to take ownership of Jazz District properties

Updating Horrible Carrier: Sprint Rolls Out 3-Channel Carrier LTE Aggregation In Kansas City

Hog Wild Local Worker Celebration: Harley-Davidson job cuts probably will spare Kansas City

Kansas City Media Loves The Cheese Lady: World record-holding cheese carver amazes crowds with her skills in Leawood

Golden Ghetto Historic Replica Contradiction: Johnson County Museum closing, moving to new location

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Anonymous said...

A year from now, after all that property has sat vacant, they will cry for more money to pay to just keep the heat and lights on in empty buildings.
But somebody made good money on this deal, didn't they?

Notice how the 'news article' gives no real data on the sale?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.. Seems odd that 27 million was advertised for improvements and revitalization at 18th and Vine. Now all of a sudden the city is going to buy it and be required to maintain it forever. You herkimer tax payers are such lucky folk having the African'ts spending your money for ya.