Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Clay Chastain Light Rail Forum Coming Soon

Kansas City's most prolific transit activist is organizing an event to pitch his ballot issue. Take a peek:

Chastain to present (at Plaza Library) forum on Light Rail Ballot Question #3

Monday September 19 (from 11:45 AM until 1:15 PM in the Plaza Library's large meeting room) Clay Chastain will conduct a public forum to present to the Kansas City community, media and elected officials (Councilman Germaine Reed and Mayor Sly James will be given front row seats) information about Light Rail Ballot Question #3 on the upcoming November 8 KCMO ballot. Chastain will take questions after his presentation.


Light Rail Ballot Question #3 represents the largest infrastructure improvement plan in the city's history. The plan's proposed 40-mile citywide light rail system is aimed at not only fixing Kansas City's ineffective and wasteful transit system, but also securing up to $1.0 billion of federal funding assistance to do it, stimulating the local economy with tens of thousands of new jobs, and catapulting the city toward a new heyday of population growth, rising city revenues, and overall prosperity.

If you're not for Light Rail Question #3, you're not for a more green, prosperous and transit-oriented Kansas City.
Be there to hear the details of the most awesome transit plan in America designed to...

* Provide the people a new quick quiet clean transit system to move about the city.
* Benefit all the people, with an emphasis on providing unemployed citizens a job and helping low-income people get to a job.
* Unleash the city's vast untapped potential and power it out of the doldrums and into stardom as America's newest boom city.

Clay Chastain...Degreed electrical engineer, KCMO registered voter, and leader of Light Rail Ballot Question #3.


Anonymous said...

There are 64000 people that come across the Broadway Bridge in an hour and a half every week day morning. That is 711 a minute. If you crowd the cars you will have to run 3 trains a minute across the bridge in order to give each person a chance to ride to work. You can not load and unload fast enough. Clay you are certifiably the biggest dreamer in the electric engineer world.

Anonymous said...

7:42 is right.
But why should Clay have any more responsibility for serious honest estimates, assertions, or arithmetic than the rest of the hangers-on in KCMO?
24 million tourists a year.
Billions of dollars in downtown investment.
Hundreds of thousands of streetcar riders.
Breathless tech claims around Google's arrival.
And most of these other liars and dreamers are getting paid for their crap.
At least we get Clay's entertainment mostly for free!