Tuesday, September 06, 2016



Two days ago, Candice Swanepoel destroyed our lives by revealing an EPIC baby bump bound to destroy her body of work . . . But we still can celebrate the good times as we check over some of the most important Kansas City links for right now.

Take a look:

Deadly Kansas City Traffic Today And Homicide Investigation
Person hit, killed at 135th, Holmes, police say
Hot Fire Starts The Work Week
OVERNIGHT: KC family loses home to early morning fire
Search For Justice Across State Line
Arrest made in fatal shooting of KCK teenager
Naming The Gunfire Dead
Police identify victim in Saturday shooting at 21st & Guindaro in KCK
Kansas City Tech School Teachable Moment
ITT shuts down, leaving tens of thousands of students in the lurch
Natural Causes Killed Local Corpse
Death investigation underway in 1400 block of E. 8th Street
Savor Northeast Kansas City Diversity
International Taste and Tour to highlight international cuisine
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Candice turns the other cheek, and spreads peace and tranquility from sea to shining sea!!!

Anonymous said...

"ITT shuts down, leaving tens of thousands of students in the lurch"

The people who go to these for profit career schools are fucking morons. They wont get an education, will pay up to three times more to go, the diplomas and credit hours are worthless at legitimate institutions and in the end all they are is a means to make these fake ass school operators rich.