Wednesday, September 21, 2016


An invite to a rhetorical battle from Kansas City's most prolific transit activist . . .

At Clay Chastain's press conference today he walked to the KC Chamber's office in Union Station and hand deliver a debate challenge to Chamber President Joe Reardon concerning Light Rail Ballot Question #3.

KC Chamber President Joe Reardon, and former president of the city's bus system (ATA), and his board unanimously oppose the light rail initiative (Question #3) on the upcoming November ballot. This ivory tower board told the KC Star that, "it takes too much money from the city's bus system and there is too much uncertainty around the costs of construction and operation of his (Chastain's) proposed system.'

Okay Mr. Reardon can you emerge from the protective confines of your posh chamber digs at Union Station and participate in a public debate with Mr. Chastain over the merits of the light rail ballot measure? The KC League of Women voters has already agreed to host the debate.

Now, do not expect Mr. Reardon to accept Chastain's debate challenge, which would be very helpful and informative to Kansas City voters, because Kansas City's well-positioned, well-paid insiders are generally afraid of a face to face with Mr. Chastain because of his renown intellectual punching power.

P.S. Mr. Reardon, in case you prove me wrong, feel free to bring to the debate with Mr. Chastain Steve Glorioso (this non-engineer said the light rail initiative was "irresponsible"), or David Johnson (this non-engineer, and leader of the KCRTA, supports a dubious streetcar expansion plan over building the people a real citywide rail system) or City Councilman Germaine Reed (this non-engineer is afraid to allow Mr. Chastain to present the light rail initiative to his Transportation & Infrastructure Committee) with you in case you need some additional Kansas City political insiders to hold your hand.

Clay Chastain...Degreed electrical engineer, KCMO registered voter, and the leader of Light Rail Ballot Question #3.


Anonymous said...

Hey Clay,

Your hand-delivered challenge went straight into the trash.

It landed there while you were still leering at our receptionist, you PIG.

Take your transit sketches and shove 'em up your ass.

Or Tony's ass since he'll appreciate it more from a physical standpoint.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that office is staffed by cretins. Reardon won't debate anyone as he is inarticulate.

Anonymous said...

A potential battle of wits between two unarmed men.
The KCMO circus needs more rings to be able to include ALL the clowns.

Anonymous said...

would love to see a civil debate of some kind!

make it a panel discussion to be non-confrontational.

many if not most folks would admit that they'd like to learn more.

the local newspaper hasn't done its job on this issue and most people wouldn't read it anyway.

Anonymous said...

The last time the establishment did not pay attention to Clay he won the election. They need t defeat him with questions. Just like all city wide light rail or streetcar scams are exposed.

Anonymous said...

npr.....let's make this happen, please, in some format.

nick haines as moderator?

would be really interesting.