Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Transit Activist Clay Chastain Reminder: Light Rail Could Make Kansas City Great Again!!!

The latest word from Clay Chastain about his plans and another challenge to city legal . . .

Chastain on light rail plan "could be illegal" lie by City Attorney, Bill Geary

Now listen up stupid voters of Kansas City, City Attorney, Bill Geary, testified in a public council hearing that the light rail ballot question "could be illegal," or perhaps is illegal, or might be illegal, or just sorta maybe is illegal. This politically motivated bull crap from the city's top attorney was designed solely to confuse voters and undermine the light rail election.

And, the noon deadline has now passed... for the city attorney to explain his false assertion...and with it his credibility.

No one can doubt Geary's conspicuous silence only proves he has no legal argument to back up his phony contrived assertion that the light rail petition "could be illegal" and grounds for the council to repeal it, if approved by voters.

And no one can doubt either that insiders at city hall, including Mayor Sly James, (who will all be afraid to debate me face to face during the campaign) put Geary up to it.

But rather than waste anymore time and energy filing a complaint against Geary, with the Missouri Bar Ass. and the OCDC (Official Chief Disciplinary Counsel and agency under the Missouri Supreme Court), I will instead turn my attention to the light rail campaign (web site coming soon).

In that campaign we hope to convince the Kansas City community that this light rail petition, if approved by voters, will build our city a world class public transportation system that will not only save Kansas City, but make it great again.

Clay Chastain...Degreed electrical engineer (who was on the Dean's honor roll and passed, on his first try, the Professional Engineering Exam), worked in Kansas City as an engineer for Black & Veatch, Control Systems, and General Motors, is a KCMO registered voter and part-time resident, restored 25 historical houses in Kansas City, helped save Kansas City's Union Station from demolition, won the only light rail election in the city's history, and is currently the leader and designer of the light rail ballot question (petition) now before Kansas City, Missouri voters in November.


Anonymous said...

Smart, real smart Clay. Calling the voters of Kansas City stupid. Why don't you go back to the woods of Virginny and sell your half baked schemes to the "stupid voters" there. OH, wait - they ain't buyin what you're sellin either! I believe those would be called SMART voters!

Anonymous said...

Remind me again which state issued him an engineering license?