Friday, August 05, 2016

Tori And The Kansas City Link Pool

Tori Praver is an entrepeneur hottie and right now she inspires this quick peek at some of the top Kansas City links for right now . . .

KC Business Journal on Twitter
Man found dead Thursday in the 6000 block of Highland Avenue
We Talked This Contest LAST MONTH And Now Kansas City Competes For Bus Transit National Disgrace
Streetsblog USA
Chihuahua Crusade In Kansas City
Couple fights to bring home 23 dogs surrendered to animal health officials
Kansas City Clear Cut Losing
Shortage might make it harder to replace trees in KC and elsewhere
Cowtown Mistakes Repeated
When It Comes To Marriage, Kansas Citians Do It Younger And More Traditionally
Big Money Kansas City Bail
Jackson County prosecutors request $750,000 bond for man charged with murder
More Links After The Jump . . .
Caught On Camera Across State Line
KCK police seek public's help to track down theft suspects
Somebody Read This Mary Sanchez Column And Tell Of It's Worth Considering
Study illuminates police deaths in the line of duty
KC NPR Hyperbole
Is Now 'The End of White Christian America'?
Local Life Lesson
Kansas City 11-year-old is a published author, now writing his second book
Show-Me The End Of The Fair Wage
Crowds flock to 'McDonald's of the Future' in Missouri
Fatty Good Times Coming Soon
Chipotle adds 'Happy Hour' in some states including Kansas and Missouri
And this is the OPEN THREAD for the afternoon . . .


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Crazy Clown said...

Some more of O'bamas Degenerates = FACT !!!!!!