Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Kansas City Early Sunday

The Victoria's Secret hotties incorporate angelic imagery into their pitch and they inspire this early Sunday look at some of the top Kansas City mainstream media links right now.


Kansas City Shooting Scene Last Night
chiefforte on Twitter
Kansas City Gift Of Life
Leukemia survivor meets donor who saved her life
Show-Me Labor Future Outlook
Right-to-work debate puts national spotlight on Missouri governor's race
Local Worker Tribute
Tow truck drivers gather to honor driver killed in 2012
Sunflower State Corporate Cash
They get Kansas tax breaks, and they 'feel like freeloaders'
Kansas City Comeback Pushed back
Red Sox rough up Duffy, beat KC 8-3
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Anonymous said...

You would think with Forte's outspoken racially motivated bias against the police, that he wouldn't be allowed inside the tape at a police,shooting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kansas businesses and professionals ARE freeloaders. Kansas makes ME pay their share of the taxes.

I have done everything I can to quit patronizing Kansas businesses. Missouri is very close. I drive a little farther, every time I need to spend money, to do my small part in bankrupting every tax-dodging scumbag in Kansas. May their businesses all wither and die.

Bob said...

Years ago, a state governor set up a special bank account to accept payments from people who complained they weren't paying enough income tax. The account balance never got over $1,000. I suggest Brownback do the same, so that the lawyer quoted in this article, and others like him, can feel better about themselves.

Anonymous said...


Victoria's Secret runway show ends with a climax!!!