Monday, August 15, 2016


Thinking about this during in the weekend . . . The difference betwixt these Republicans and pro-Brownback Republicans is NEARLY INDISTINGUISHABLE to anybody but a small subset of people living in Johnson County and still exercising a stranglehold over local media so that their inane worldview seems relevant. When, in fact, the vast majority of residents don't vote and don't care about the antics and complaints of Professor Steve Kraske, Sir Dave Helling and any of the other RINOS mistakenly believing that Red State economic policy resonates to anyone but the chattering class. Take a look: The Losing May Not Be Over For Conservatives In Kansas Legislative Elections


Anonymous said...

Of course Republican conservatives are going to lose seats. They overwhelmingly won seats last time. I will have to say that the RINO's will have to be very careful. If they try to go to far, they will get voted out. The other issues is education. Everybody wants to blame Brownback for the fact that their school is not supported as they wish. Folks, look at the Kansas Supreme Court. Brownback and the conservative legislature are not the deciders, they are. They have decided that equal and identical are the same thing, and we in JoCo are subsidising them. In Kansas, Supreme Court justices must run every four years. You can't pick them, but you can kick them out if you don't like them. IF YOU LIVE IN JOCO, VOTE TO KICK THEM OUT! They are the reason your district is taxing you out of the ying yang, and you are not seeing it in your schools. THIS IS NOT A BROWNBACK ISSUE. Anyone who has been concerned about our education system knows that we have been fighting the Supreme Court since Joan Finney. As long as the money goes to Topeka first, we are going to be the losers. You can condemn Brownback and a conservative legislature for a lot of sins, but this is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Better analysis than anything I've read in the paper.