Thursday, August 11, 2016

Show-Me Immigrant Missouri Economic Impact

Remember that a great many (most foreign-born) people in Missouri are illegal/undocumented. Nevertheless . . . "Immigrants generated $250 million in business income in 2014. A new report published by the Partnership for a New American Economy found that those immigrants had about $5 billion in spending power in Missouri in 2014. The report states that immigrants contributed $1.85 million to Medicare and $658 million to Social Security in Missouri in 2014." Read more: The economic impact of immigrants to the state of Missouri and St. Louis


Anonymous said...

The report states that immigrants sucked $1.85 million in Medicare and $658 million from Social Security in Missouri's other people money bank in 2014.

Just wanted to correct the writers goof.

Bob said...

It is just an infomercial in support of illegal entrants. Another misuse of taxpayer funds. Unless public radio and TV presents all sides of an issue, they should not get public funds.