Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mia Khalifa And The Kansas City Link Pool

Mia Khalifa is the Internets pr0n sensation of 2016 and right now she inspires more Kansas City mainstream media news links. Checkit:

JaxCo Jail Sex Scandal Aftermath
Former female inmates speak out about conditions at the Jackson County jail
Northeast Laments Police Cutbacks
Neighbors concerned about losing community police
Gunfire Weekend Aftermath
Kansas City man charged after fight led to shooting on Sunday
More Cyclist Access Across The Bridge
Final Stages for New Barry Road Bike Lanes - Kansas City infoZine
Sunflower State Teachable Moment
KU Med Student Learns Plenty While Dealing With A Patient Addicted to Meth
And because there's still a bit more Summer to enjoy . . .

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Anonymous said...

Don't get sent to jail and you won't have to deal with these bad conditions. Remember it's jail not the Ritz=Carlton.

Anonymous said...

Barry Road bike lanes appear ill-advised. Thirty five years of daily driving that part of Barry and never seen a bike. Heavy traffic to Maple Woods College and no sidewalks from Highland to MWC. Walking trails need more parking. Center turn lane is being used as a passing lane. KC likes bike lanes but won't provide sidewalks for students. Looks like more frou-frou while legitimate needs are neglected.