Monday, August 22, 2016

Lacey And The Kansas City Link Look

Lacey Banghard and her smiling Brit hotness inspires all of these Kansas City local links. Take a look:

Bus Driver Man Push Back
School bus company responds after KCPS cancels contract
KCK Public School Problems
KCK school district violated policy after student with special needs put in headlock, state says
Downtown Kansas City Destruction
I-670 to close downtown for Grand Avenue Bridge demolition this weekend
Show-Me Lady Protection Mandate
McCaskill wants better reporting of sexual assault
Consumer Report Across State Line
KCK mom fed up with apartment water problems
Golden Ghetto Hip-Hop Killing Redux
Trial begins for 1 of the 2 brothers accused of killing aspiring rapper
Kansas City Tech Talk
TEDxKC Questions Everything - ThisIsKC
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

"McCaskill wants better reporting of sexual assault"

I would agree thatfounded reports of sexual assault should have the same level of reporting as other serious people crimes. However, if Claire's intention is to waste more tax dollars elevating sex crimes reporting above any other violent crime or felony she is just full a shit as a Christmas Turkey. Sounds more like political pandering as she has not specified what this is supposed to accomplish. Does this mean victims of other crimes suddenly take a back seat to victims of sex offenses? That is bullshit. If she thinks getting your ass fondled is a bitch just wait until she gets the rush of someone sticking a gun in her face and threatening to off her fat ass.

Anonymous said...

Idiocracy Director - It's Kind Of Scary How Quickly The Movie Became A Documentary

Anonymous said...

McCaskill is just wanting an idea of how many more are getting some sort of sex over her getting none.

She maybe wants to read the reports to see if that will turn her on enough to fire up one of her many BOB's.

Anonymous said...

Lacey needs to be banged hard FO sho